PHD ULTRA™ Gradient System

Price on Request

The PHD ULTRA™ Gradient System allows you to quickly and easily run binary or ternary mixtures automatically without a PC. The Method is totally programmed from a master controller pump, so it is easy to program. The intuitive program interface makes simple to complex mixing easy. The Gradient Profile is used to combine multiple flow streams from different pumps into a common output stream. The flow can be smooth and continuous or stepped. No stopping the experiment, mixing different percent volume mixtures and placing new syringes into the pumps. Push one button and it all happens automatically.

This capability of Harvard Apparatus syringe pumps to completely deliver percent composition changes automatically with high accuracy and precision flow provides an economical tool to advance experiments and eliminate manual input for complex solution changes.

Binary and ternary gradient systems are available with or without a stand. Individual Satellite units are also available for purchase separately.

Please follow this link for more information on the PHD ULTRA™ Infuse/Withdraw Programmable Syringe Pump.

Please follow this link for information about individual PHD ULTRA™ satellite units.

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