Pump 11 Elite / Pico Plus Elite OEM Syringe Pump Modules

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The Pump 11 Elite / Pico Plus Elite OEM Series of syringe pumps expands its capabilities to satisfy your syringe pump integration. These compact syringe pumps carry on the tradition as the premiere workhorse infusion pump, offering unparalleled ease of use with a high resolution touch screen with intuitive icon interface.

This OEM Series of syringe pumps have a new mechanism that includes a tight gripping, more secure syringe clamp for syringes ranging from 0.5 ul to 60 ml (single syringe) and 0.5 ul to 10 ml (dual syringe).

The Pump 11 Elite Series offers enhanced flow performance with high accuracy and smooth flow from 1.28 pl/min to 88.28 ml/min (Pump 11 Elite) or 0.54 pl/min - 39.77 ml/min (Pico Plus Elite). The Pump 11 Elite/Pico Plus Elite Series is available with single or dual syringe racks. These pumps have advanced connectivity with a USB serial port for computer control, RS-485 (or optional RJ-ll) ports for daisy chaining pumps and Digital I/O for remote control.

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