Pump 11 Elite Glucose Clamp Pumps

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The Pump 11 Elite Glucose Clamp Infusion System, is a version of our renowned syringe pump technology enhanced for academic euglycemic or hyperglycemic glucose clamp studies.

The glucose clamp capabilities provide a time saving syringe pump enhancement that offers quick and simple set-up using our innovative touch screen display.

The built-in software capabilities reduce the potential for error in your research by providing the most accurate fluid delivery available.

The Pump 11 Elite Glucose Clamp Infusion System will simplify glucose clamp experiments with the following features.

1) Animal Weight, Concentration, and Dose Rate Programming

Glucose clamp method allows the user to enter in a desired concentration, animal weight, and dose rate in the syringe pump and then uses that information to set the infusion rate automatically.

2) Change Dose Rate While Running in the Glucose Clamp method

The user has the ability to change the dose rate during infusion. This allows the execution of complex infusion procedures without the need to start and stop the process.

3) Previous Dose Rate Display

The previous dose rate setting is displayed while the pump is running, which allows for easy monitoring. When the unit is stopped, the last dose rate set and its duration is clearly displayed.


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