Protein Resistant pH Electrodes

Protein Resistant pH Electrodes

These pH electrodes are ideal for biological samples containing proteins.

  • Ideal for determining pH in samples that contain protein
  • Faster response times than traditional pH electrodes
  • More accurate than traditional pH electrodes
  • Longer electrode life and more economical
  • Five styles available to meet most application needs
  • Operational pH range from 2 to 11

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
69-0070 Minitrode™ P Protein Resistant pH Electrode, length 60 mm, diameter 3 mm
69-0072 Foodtrode™ Protein Resistant pH Electrode, length 100 mm, diameter 12 mm
69-3160 Flushtrode, length 120 mm, diameter 12 mm
69-0074 Tiptrode™ Protein Resistant pH Electrode, length 25 mm, diameter 6 mm
69-0075 Protelyte™ Reference Electrolyte Solution, 100 ml
69-0076 Electrode Storage Solution, 500 ml
69-0077 Electrode Connecting Cable, BNC to AS7, 1 m (3.3 ft)
69-0078 Electrode Connecting Cable, DIN to AS7, 1 m (3.3 ft)
69-0079 Electrode Connecting Cable, Metrohm (Lemo) to AS7, Type F, 1 m (3.3 ft)
69-0080 Electrode Connecting Cable, Metrohm (Lemo) to AS7, Type H, 1 m (3.3 ft)
69-0081 Electrode Connecting Cable, Radiometer to AS7, 1 m (3.3 ft)
69-0082 Electrode Connecting Cable, Standard US to AS7, 1 m (3.3 ft)
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Measuring the pH of biological samples containing proteins is difficult. Proteins in solution can combine with silver ions from the electrolyte to clog the pH electrode diaphragm. This leads to long response times, inaccurate pH measurements, and eventually discarded electrodes. These protein resistant electrodes are designed for rapid, accurate, and reproducible pH measurements of protein containing solutions.

Unique to these pH electrodes is the specially formulated Protelyte™ reference electrolyte. Protelyte™ electrolyte prevents the precipitation of proteins on the electrode diaphragm. You get faster, more accurate, reproducible pH measurements of your samples. Select from five specialized electrodes. The best electrode for you depends upon your applications, physical size limitations, and temperature range. Each has a pH range of 2 to 11.

Minitrode™ P The small size of this sensor makes it ideal for pH measurement of sample in microplates and microcentrifuge tubes. The sensor tip is 3 mm diameter with a usable length of 100 mm (3.9 inches).  
Foodtrode™ This sensor is ideal for measuring the pH of samples stored in cold rooms. Select this sensor if your sample is between -10° to +100°C. It has a 12 mm diameter tip.  
Flushtrode™P If your sample contains between 5 to 85% water, this is the ideal sensor for you. It is good for determining pH of buffer solutions. It has a 12 mm diameter tip.  
Tiptrode™ This pH sensor was designed for pH measurements in applications requiring penetration of solid and semi-solid materials including: foods, gelatinous materials, and viscous buffers. It has a 6 mm tip.  
Spintrode™P Use the SPINTRODETMto determine the pH of samples in NMR tubes. The 3 mm diameter, 180 mm (7 inch) long sensor allows you to determine the pH without transferring the sample from the NMR tube.  

These pH Electrodes are supplied individually and have A7 type connectors. To ensure the most accurate pH measurements, calibrate your electrodes with DURACAL®Buffer Solutions.


pHamp pH Preamplifier

The pHamp is a compact unity gain preamplifier designed to convert the high impedance signal of a pH electrode into a low impedance signal capable of traveling up to 1,000 feet over a coaxial cable.

This rugged preamplifier is encapsulated within an epoxy filled stainless steel enclosure and uses BNC-style input and output connections. Powered from a lithium battery, the expected life is a minimum of 5 years.

Order No. Electrode Length Diameter Temp. Range
69-0070 MinitrodeTMP 100 mm 3 mm 0° to 80°C
69-0071 SpintrodeTMP 180 mm 3 mm 0° to 80°C
69-0072 FoodtrodeTM 100 mm 12 mm -10° to 100°C
69-3160 FlushtrodeTMP 120 mm 12 mm 10° to 50°C
69-0074 TiptrodeTM 25 mm 6 mm 0° to 80°C