Pneumotach Amplifier

Price on Request

This Pneumotach Amplifier provides the instrumentation necessary to produce an analog output proportional to flow when connected to any of our standard Pneumotachs. It will also provide an analog output of an independent auxiliary pressure signal for measurement of pressure anywhere in the circuit.

  • For use with Linear Bidirectional Pneumotachs
  • Two pressure ranges available:
    • 70 to 70 cmH2O or
    • 140 to 140 cmH2O
  • Zero and gain adjust ports for both outputs
  • BNC type analog output jacks
  • Flow direction indicator LED

The Pneumotach Amplifier works with any of our Linear Bidirectional Pneumotachs that are available in seven different calibrated flow ranges in heated and non-heated versions. Please specify country when ordering.

The accessories work with the Harvard Apparatus Pneumotach Amplifier for produce an analog output for flow and pressure.

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