PLUGSYS Programmable Stimulator Module (PSM)

Programmable Stimulator Module (PSM(

Constant current square wave stimulator for isolated tissue studies

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
73-0221 Programmable Stimulator Modules (PSM)
73-3497 Software Stimulus for PSM and PPG Control for Windows
73-0224 PSM and PPG Control Software Module
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The Programmable Stimulator Module (PSM) is a square-wave, single-channel stimulator with isolated constant-current (1 channel) output for the PLUGSYS system. It has been developed specially for stimulating isolated tissue in physiological and pharmacological research. It is ideally suited for computer-controlled tissue bath setups, e.g. for automatic refractory period determination.

This module is operated through software from a PC. Adjustments are made from the PC and transferred to the PSM through a control program.

Software Required (either)

73-3497 Programmable Stimulus Module for PSM and PPG Control

This module can control up to 8 PSM or PPG modules. For each module, basic rhythm, pulse width, output polarity and output current can be set individually. Train function is also selectable, train rhythm and train duration is applied to all modules. 

73-0024 Data Acquisition Software Control Module for PSM and PPG

This module controls the PSM or PPG through ACAD, ISOHEART, NEURODYN Data Acquisition Software.

Hardware Required (all)

73-0161 DAQ Hardware (does not work with USB version)

73-0223 DIM-D PLUGSYS Digital Bus Link Module

73-0045 PLUGSYS 603 housing (works only in this housing)

Trigger Modules Continuous stimulus, trains, triggered from hardware or software; single or twin stimuli; polarity at output can be set constant or alternating
Construction Programmable Stimulator Module PSM designed as module of the PLUGSYS measuring system; occupies one slot unit
Hardware Required Pentium computer, at least 500 MHz; HSE-HA PLUGSYS basic system case Type 603 (73-0045); HSE-HA data acquisition hardware (73-0161) PLUGSYS version; DIM-D Digital Bus Link for DIM (73-0223)
Software Required Microsoft WINDOWS XP/WIN7(32-bit version only) ; HSE-HA Stimulator Control Program Stimulus; HSE-HA software ACAD, ISOHEART, NEURODYN or bDAS with corresponding software module
Operating Modes Free-running (continuous stimulation); Trains; hardware-triggered through control signal; software-triggered through control command; single or twin stimulation; output current polarity fixed or alternating (automatic change-over after each stimulation cycle)
Basic Rhythm R Continuously adjustable between 100 msec and 10 sec
Delay D Spacing between stimulus 1 and stimulus 2 adjustable between 1 msec and 1 sec, or 0 for no twin stimulation
Width W Stimulus duration adjustable between 0.5 msec and 200 msec 
Output O Output can be programmed from 1 mA to 25 mA or from 10 mA to 250 mA (manual change of current range) 
Power Supply

+ 5 V/700 mA and + 24 V/1 A through connector from PLUGSYS system bus 

Note: In case of using more than one PSM in the basic system case 603 , an additional power supply must be installed (option 5, 24 V DC, 100 VA).A maximum of 4 PSM modules can be installed (power consumption 100 VA).

Dimensions, H x W x D 128.7 x 20.2 x 220 mm (5.1 x 0.8 x 8.7 in) [1 PLUGSYS slot unit ]
Weight 0.35 kg (0.8 lb)
PLUGSYS Width 1 slot unit
73-0221_PSM.pdfPLUGSYS Progammable Stimulator Module (PSM) User's Manual, Version 1.0