PLUGSYS Microelectrode Amplifier Module (MEA)

PLUGSYS Microelectrode Amplfier Module (MEA)

Permits direct measurement of intracellular or extracellular potentials (with the aid of an included preamplifier headstage)

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
73-1773 Microelectrode Amplifier Module (MEA), including Headstage 73-2665
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The Microelectrode Amplifier Module (MEA) is a universal single-channel, easily operated microelectrode amplifier for physiological and pharmacological research. With the aid of the separate preamplifier (headstage) it permits direct measurement of intracellular or extracellular potentials.

The compact MEA module incorporates extensive technology and offers, in addition to its excellent amplifier performance, modern extra facilities such as adjustable output filter, calibration generator, audio monitor and LED bar graph for audible and visual signal monitoring, microelectrode function test (resistance measurement), adjustable buzz frequency, capacity compensation and zero balance. Optionally the MEA can be provided with special headstages.

Headstage Preamplifier for Microelectrode Amplifier Module (MEA) 73-2665

Important Note for Ordering: The Headstage Preamplifier (73-2665) can only be used in conjunction with the  HA-HSE Microelectrode Amplifier (73-1773).The headstage comes with the amplifier and does not need to be ordered separately.

Headstage Specifications

Shielded metal case with microelectrode holder
integral and mounting rod, 2 mm socket for bath
reference and screen connection for central ground;
headstage is independent of MEA amplifier used and
does not require adjustment
Mounting  By 8 mm dia. support rod and integral microelectrode
holder suitable for mounting of conventional
micromanipulators as replacement against standard
microelectrode holder
Microelectrode Resistance       
Suitable for microelectrodes in range of 1 to 100 MΩ
Input Circuit Fully integrated electrometer amplifier with driven
screen, boot-strapped supply and capacity
Input Current  Compensated to zero
Coupling Resistor 1 GΩ
Capacity Compensation Adjustable over 0 to 8 pF
Frequency Range DC to 75 kHz (-3dB)
Connecting Cable Signal and supply cable 1.95 m long with 8-pin binder
or Amphenol-Tuchel plug to suit MEA microelectrode

Amplifier BandwidthDC to 30 kHz (-3dB)
Analog IndicationLED bar graph with 30 LEDs for visual monitoring of applied signal (7.5 mV per LED referred to input)
For accurate zeroing bar graph range can be expanded by key (magnifier function) to 1.5 mV per LED referred to input
Audio MonitorAudible monitoring system for measurement signal using monitoring tone whose frequency is modulated according to signal amplitude;
loudness and base frequency are individually adjustable by trimmer on front panel
BuzzerAC feed through microelectrode to assist piercing cell membrane during microelectrode insertion; buzz frequency adjustable with 16-position switch between 10 Hz and 10 kHz to suit actual requirements
Calibration SignalGenerator for signal adjustment to computing amplifier or recorder; pressing CAL key injects complex calibration signal consisting of values 0 V, -100 mV and
Gain10x (fixed)
InputThrough separate preamplifier (headstage) for direct intracellular or extracellular potential recording
Input Capacity CompensationContinuously adjustable between 0 and 8 pF
Input Socket8-pin binder or Amphenol-Tuchel socket with screw lock
Microelectrode Function TestCheck of microelectrode by feeding in (via the headstage) constant current for apprx measurement of instantaneous electrode
Microelectrode Function Test ContinuedSince measurement current may damage microelectrode by electrolysis, test duration automatically limited to 2 secs.
Output FilterLow-pass in 7 steps covering 30 Hz to 30 kHz (-3dB)
PLUGSYS Width*3 slot units
Power Supply5 V 1.2 A from PLUGSYS system bus
Signal OutputFiltered output signal
Signal Output: ExternallyBy BNC socket on front panel
Signal Output: InternallyOn PLUGSYS system bus, assigned via jumper to one of signal lines AV-1 to AV-16.
Zero BalanceCompensation of input offset in range
73-1773_MEA_BA1E.pdfPLUGSYS Micro Electrode Amplifier (MEA) & Headstage User's Manual, Version 1.1