PLUGSYS Einthoven Goldberger Module (EGM)

PLUGSYS Einthoven Goldberger Module (EGM)

Used for capturing and amplifying ECG signals after Einthoven and Goldberger lead configuration, 6-lead ECG

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
73-1778 Einthoven Goldberger Module (EGM)
73-1785 4-Lead ECG Input Cable with Needles to EGM (701)
73-1786 4-Lead ECG Input Cable with Banana Plugs to EGM (701)
73-1777 Input Box Type 701/4
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The Einthoven Goldberger Module (EGM) is used for capturing and amplifying ECG signals after Einthoven and Goldberger lead configuration in the PLUGSYS system. It connects to 4 electrodes. This module has isolated input amplifiers in order to avoid hum interference.

Inputs Leads:

RA: Right Arm

LA: Left Arm

LF: Left Foot

RF Right Foot (Reference)

Output Signals: Bipolar Einthoven Extremity Leads:

I: LA(+) - RA(-)

II: LF(+) - RA(-)

III: LF(+) - LA(-)

Unipolar Goldberger Extremity Leads:

aVR RA(+) - (LA+LF)/2(-)

aVL LA(+) - (RA+LF)/2(-)

aVF LF(+) - (RA+LF)/2(-)

The 6 output voltages of the different leads can be switched through jumpers to the PLUGSYS system bus. From the system bus they can be picked off by a Recorder Output Module (ROM) for direct recording or a DAQ Hardware PLUGSYS for data acquisition by computer.

CalibrationSquare-wave signal 1 mV 2 Hz (120 ml/min); calibration signal is activated with switch
Connector96-pin VG connector to DIN 41612, 8-pin RJ-45
ECG Input4-way inputs cable must be connected as follows: RA (right arm), LA (left arm), LF (left foot), RF (right foot)
ECG LeadsBipolar extremity leads I, II and III after Einthoven as well as unipolar extremity leads aVR, aVL, and aVF after Goldberger
GainSetting x0.5 - 500; Setting x1 - 1000; Setting x2 - 2000
High-Pass Filter0.1 Hz, fixed
Input Cable(Order separately) 4-way ECG input cable with needles, or 4-way ECG input cable with banana plugs, or input box with 4 + 6 inputs for stimulation use of WLA module Type 702 for 6 unipolar Wilson chest leads (V1 to V6)
Input CircuitIsolated input circuit (floating input), isolating volt. 200 VDC max.
Input Impedance107 ohm
Low-Pass Filter100 Hz, 200 Hz and 500 Hz
PLUGSYS Width*2 slot units
Power Supply5 V 1.2 mA from PLUGSYS system bus
Recorder OutputOutputs of 6 ECG leads are linked by jumpers to PLUGSYS bus system; link to recorder is provided by Recorder Output module (ROM) installed in PLUGSYS System
73-1773_EGM_701E.pdfPLUGSYS Einthoven Goldberger Module (EGM) User's Manual, Version 1.0