Platinum/Iridium Metal Micro Electrodes

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The platinum/iridium mix electrodes have a lower concomitant impedance value than tungsten or stainless steel for the same exposure, therefore they are ideal for recording. They are also superior for stimulation studies because they are less likely to erode during intense stimulation protocols. This metal mixture is also excellent for chronic implants because it is very biocompatible. Available in two styles: Standard style with 3 mm or 1 mm of Parylene-C insulation on the metal shaft. Standard style with the addition of polymide tubing on the shaft which provides additional reinforcement for easy electrode insertion. The additional insulation also minimizes signal attenuation making this an ideal electrode for deep brain penetrations. All of the microelectrodes are sharpened electrochemically and their tips are individually exposed under a microscope. Each is inspected to assure reproducible tip exposures and profile.

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