Plate Rotators for 96-Well DispoEquilibrium Dialyzers

Dual Plate Rotator for 96-well DispoEquilibrium Dialyzer

Single or dual plate rotator with variable rotation rates for use with the 96-Well DispoEquilibrium Dialyzer.

The rotator speeds up the equilibrium dialysis process by keeping the sample in constant motion ensuring higher reproducibility of results.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
74-2302 Single Plate Rotator, pkg. of 1
74-2334 Dual Plate Rotator, pkg. of 1
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A Single or Dual Plate Rotator with variable rotation rates is available for use with the Harvard Apparatus 96-Well DispoEquilibrium Dialyzer. The rotator speeds the rate of dialysis and allows for constant motion of samples, ensuring higher reproducibility.  For temperature controlled studies the 8-Plate Rotator Incubator can be used. 

74-2334, 2302_HA Plate Rotator Manual_9511-074REV2.0_DIGITAL.pdf'QuikPrep Single and Dual Plate Rotators User's Guide