Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation (BLM)

Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation (BLM)

The Planar Lipid Bilayer (BLM) Workstation from Warner Instruments integrates every significant component required for the assembly of a working BLM rig. This unique device allows the user to quickly get up to speed in performing research using this powerful technology.

  • Complete facility for Planar Lipid Bilayer recording
  • Simple and integrated design
  • Integrated instrumentation
  • Popular data acquisition packages
  • Optional power line conditioning
  • Bilayer Thermocycler available!
  • Available on-site setup and training!

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0452A (BLM-WS-A) Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation with Active Table
64-0452P (BLM-WS-P) Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation with Passive Table
98-5687 pClamp 10 software, required for use with DigiData
98-5692 DigiData 1550B digitizer, HumSilencer capability on 1 channel
64-0450 (BLM-TC) Bilayer thermocycler (requires bilayer chamber and cup)
64-0024 CM-1/10 Single Channel Simulator with 10 pF Membrane
64-0025 CM-1/100 Single Channel Simulator with 100 pF Membrane
64-0026 CM-3/10 Single Channel Variable Simulator with 10 pF Membrane
64-0027 CM-3/100 Single Channel Variable Simulator with 100 pF Membrane
64-0404 CP13A-150 13 mm Polystyrene Cuvette with 150 µm Aperture
64-0402 CP13A-250 13 mm Polystyrene Cuvette with 250 µm Aperture
64-0410 CD13A-150 13 mm Delrin Cuvette with 150 µm Aperture
64-0409 CD13A-200 13 mm Delrin Cuvette with 200 µm Aperture
64-0408 CD13A-250 13 mm Delrin Cuvette with 250 µm Aperture
64-0416 CF13A-150 13 mm Polysulfone Cuvette with 150 µm Aperture
64-0414 CF13A-250 13 mm Polysulfone Cuvette with 250 µm Aperture
64-0415 CF13A-200 13 mm Polysulfone Cuvette with 200 µm Aperture
64-0453 (BCH-M22) Bilayer chamber, 3.0 ml working volume, with stirbar, without cuvette
64-0407 CP22A-150 22 mm Polystyrene Cuvette with 150 µm Aperture
64-0406 CP22A-200 22 mm Polystyrene Cuvette with 200 µm Aperture
64-0405 CP22A-250 22 mm Polystyrene Cuvette with 250 µm Aperture
64-0413 CD22A-150 22 mm Delrin Cuvette with 150 µm Aperture
64-0412 CD22A-200 22 mm Delrin Cuvette with 200 µm Aperture
64-0411 CD22A-250 22 mm Delrin Cuvette with 250 µm Aperture
64-0419 CF22A-150 22 mm Polysulfone Cuvette with 150 µm Aperture
64-0418 CF22A-200 22 mm Polysulfone Cuvette with 200 µm Aperture
64-0451 (BCH-M13) Bilayer chamber, 1.0 ml working volume, with stirbar, without cuvette
64-0417 CF22A-250 22 mm Polysulfone Cuvette with 250 µm Aperture
64-0420 MAG-13 Stir Bars 2x5mm for 13mm Cuvettes. pkg. of 5
64-0421 MAG-22 Stir Bars 2x7mm for 22mm Cuvettes, pkg. of 5
64-1729 (BCH-13TH) Replacement thumb screw and rubber plug for BCH-13
64-0063 FC-1 Faraday Cage with Passive Vibration Isolation Table (includes hand pump)
64-0064 FC-2 Faraday Cage with Active Vibration Isolation Table (requires pressurized air)
64-0432 (BC-535) Bilayer clamp amplifier with resistive headstage
64-0050 LPF-8 Bessel Filter, Low Pass Filter/DC Amplifier, Single Channel Rack Mount, Rack mount hardware supplied with LPF-8. Specify line operating voltage if other than 100-130 VAC
64-0076 SUNSTIR-3 Complete SunStir-3 System, Includes Sun-1 Lamp, Spin-2 Stirrer and SunStir Controller
64-0431 (BPS-2) Bilayer perfusion system
64-0435 (HST-1) Headstage holder system for bilayer
64-0070 RAC-14 Instrument Rack
64-0067 BLM-ST Bilayer Starter Kit
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The Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation is comprised of:

  • FC Series: Faraday cage and vibration isolation table (manufactured expressly for Warner Instruments by Kinetic Systems)
  • BC-535: Bilayer Clamp Amplifier
  • LPF-8: 8-pole Bessel filter
  • SUNStir-3: Integrated system comprised of a SUNStir rack-mount controller, SUN-1 halogen lamp, and SPIN-2 bilayer stirplate
  • BPS-2: Bilayer perfusion system
  • HST-1: Headstage holder system
  • RAC-14: Table top equipment rack
  • BLM-ST: Bilayer Starter Kit

Additional items needed to complete the Workstation include bilayer cups and chambers (either the classic or perfusion style), data acquisition hardware/software, and a computer. Due to the extensive variety offered, cups and chambers are ordered separately.

The Bilayer workstation supports the use of all data acquisition systems and we offer pClamp from Molecular Devices (Union City, CA). You may purchase your acquisition system directly from the vendor or from us at no additional charge to you. (Technical support and warranty, however, remain through Molecular Devices.)

When placing an order you will need to select:

  • Style (active or passive) of vibration isolation table desired
  • Style (classic or perfusion) of bilayer chamber desired
  • Material (polystyrene, Delrin, or polysulfone) of bilayer cup desired
  • Diameter (150, 200, 250 µm, or custom) of the cup aperture desired

Additional optional items include:

BLM-TC - Planar Lipid Bilayer Thermocycler. Temperature control for the bilayer!
On-site setup and training - Available worldwide
ZM-180 -Stereo zoom microscope for viewing the membrane
CM-3 - A variable value single channel simulator.
PV-830 - Power line conditioner available for both 110 and 220 V applications
Starter Kit - Includes red sable artist's dotting brushes, glass capillary tubing, PE tubing, Ag/AgCl wire, BNC's, grounding cables, micro stirbars, and rubber matting for traction control of the bilayer chamber.

A fully assembled Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation from Warner Instruments includes everything you need, except the computer, for performing research using this powerful technology.

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Warner Bilayer Workstation brochure (rev 060601).pdfWarner Bilayer Workstation Brochure
CM-Cable (070823).pdfCM-Cable Manual
FC Series (040326).pdfFC Series User's Manual
LPF-8 manual.pdfLPF-8 Instruction Manual
SPIN-2 (2005.08.16).pdfSPIN-2 User's Manual
SUNStir-3 (050816).pdfSUNStir-3 User's Manual
sole source arguments in favor of the planar lipid bilayer workstation (060331).pdfArguments in Favor of the Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation (BLM)
Connecting the BC-535 to pClamp.pdfConnecting the 535 to pClamp