Planar Lipid Bilayer Thermocycler (BLM-TC)

Planar Lipid Bilayer Thermocycler (BLM-TC)


The new BLM-TC from Warner Instruments uses Peltier technology to cool, heat or thermocycle a planar lipid bilayer membrane. Finally, there's temperature control for the bilayer!

  • Peltier driven
  • Cools to 5 °C
  • Heats to 50 °C
  • Heats and cools at 3 °C/min.
  • Stable to 0.2 °C

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0450 (BLM-TC) Bilayer thermocycler (requires bilayer chamber and cup)
64-0451 (BCH-M13) Bilayer chamber, 1.0 ml working volume, with stirbar, without cuvette
64-0453 (BCH-M22) Bilayer chamber, 3.0 ml working volume, with stirbar, without cuvette
64-0107 TA-29 Replacement Cable with Bead Thermistor
64-0352 CL-100 Bipolar Temperature Controller
64-1922 (LCS-1) Liquid Cooling System
64-1729 (BCH-13TH) Replacement thumb screw and rubber plug for BCH-13
64-0454 Ground cable, banana-banana, 48"
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The new BLM-TC from Warner Instruments uses PeltierBLM-TC technology to cool, heat, or thermocycle a planar bilayer membrane.

The tight and reproducible temperature control provided by this unique device can facilitate the measurement of single channel events at physiologic temperatures, or at any temperature between 5 and 50 °C.

The BLM-TC charts temperature at an average rate of 3 °C/min when transitioning between 40 °C to 10 °C. More importantly, this system can maintain the temperature to within 0.2 °C of the set temperature.

The BLM-TC system is comprised of a Peltier-driven bilayer platform (compatible with Warner's SPIN-2 bilayer stirplate and BPS-2 Perfusion), a CL-100 bipolar temperature controller, and a LCS-1 Thermal Cooling Module.

The purchase of a BCH-M13 or the BCH-M22 BLM-TC 2(thermally conductive bilayer chambers) and a standard bilayer cup completes the system.

Note: If you will primarily be working at temperatures above ambient, then
we recommend using the larger BCH-M22 chamber to reduce the impact of evaporative losses during use.

BLM-TC Platform Specifications
Temperature Range 5 to 50°C via Peltier-device
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2.41 x 7.21 x 9.80 cm (0.95 x 2.84 x 3.86 in)
Cable 2.4 m (8 ft) with 15 pin D connector
Weight 0.34 kg

LCS-1 Specifications
Pump rate 4201/hr (111 gal/hr)
Power Input Universal Input 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Power Output 12 VDC 540 mA
Power Connector Type 9 pin Male 'D'
Physical Dimensions
Chassis Size (D x W x H) 49.5 x 21.3 x 9.5 cm
Weight 3.63 kg (8 lb)
Chassis material Aluminum
Water Jacket Ports Male thread to1/8' Barb Fittings
Warranty One Year

CL-100 Specifications
Maximum Output Voltage ±15 V DC
Maximum Output Current 2.4 Amps
Maximum Output Power 36 W (8 Ω load)
Manual Voltage Range 0 to ± 15 V
Temperature Range

0 to 50°C via Peltier-device
Ambient to +65°C via resistive heating

Recorder Outputs

Control Temp Out 100 mV/°C
Monitor Temp Out 100 mV/°C


Front Panel BNC for external thermistor
Rear Panel BNC for external set temp
Rear Panel BNC for external voltage set
Rear Panel 15 pin Female 'D' Input/Output

3 1/2 digit LED display
Set Temperature, 0 - 50°C maximum
Control Temperature
Monitor Temperature
Output Voltage, ±15 V maximum
Power Requirements 100-130 or 220-240 VAC
50Hz or 60 Hz
80 VA
user selectable
Shipping Weight 5.6 kg
Enclosure Dimensions H x W x D
8.9 cm x 20 cm x 25.4 cm
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