Signal Conditioners for PowerLab

ECG 12 Lead Switch Box The MLA0115/D ECG 12 Lead Switch Box allows for the mechanical selection of standard lead --> Learn More
Bridge Amplifiers for PowerLab The FE221 Bridge Amplifier is designed to allow the PowerLab to connect to most DC bridge --> Learn More
Bio Amplifier for PowerLab The Bio Amplifer for PowerLab is galvanically isolated, high performance software controlled --> Learn More
Dual Bio Amplifier for PowerLab The Dual Bio Amp is suitable for applications including EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG, sensory nerve --> Learn More
Neuro Amplifier EX The Neuro Amp EX (MLT185) is a low noise and high gain device which makes it suitable for all --> Learn More
GSR Amplifier The FE116 GSR Amp is used to measure the Féré effect, a general measurement of --> Learn More
pH Amplifier for PowerLab The pH Amplifier is a dual front-end amplifier for PowerLab suitable for use with pH, ion --> Learn More
Stimulus Isolator The FE180 Stimulus Isolator is suitable for both transcutaneous human nerve stimulation and --> Learn More
Bridge Pod The ML301Bridge Pod is a low-cost signal conditioner designed to work with bridge-type --> Learn More
Cardiac Output Pod The Cardiac Output Pod is used with high performance T-type thermocouples for the determination --> Learn More

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