PLUGSYS DC Bridge Amplifier Module (DBA)

PLUGSYS DC Bridge Amplifier Module (DBA)

Universal DC bridge amplifiers used to amplify physiological signals such as blood pressures, respiratory airflow, airway pressure, contraction force or contraction displacement. Use with PLUGSYS Case Types 601, 603 or 609. Advances low pass filter possibilites

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73-1582 DC Bridge Amplifier Module (DBA)
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The DC Bridge Amplifier Module (DBA) is a universal DC bridge amplifier for connection of transducers to measure blood pressure, pulmonary air flow, airway pressures, conraction force, displacement, etc. It is used to amplify dynamic physiological signals like blood pressures, contraction force or contraction displacement using transducers based on a resistive Wheatstone bridge.

The DBA is equipped with an analog LED bar graph signal indicator and is best suited for applications which require the monitoring of dynamic signals, e.g. pulsatile blood pressures, respiratory air flow, respiratory pressures, force, etc.

This module has advanced low pass filter capabilities compared to the TAM-A module.

Recommended Transducers


  • Arterial blood pressure: APT300
  • Venous blood pressure:  P75
  • Respiratory air flow:  DLP2.5
  • Tracheal or oesophageal pressure:  MPX
  • Respiratory pressures: P75
  • Contraction force: F30, F10
  • Displacement: B40
Transducer Input 6-pin socket with screw lock (binder, Amphenol Tuchel)
Bridge supply voltage Selectable in 1 V steps through an on board selector switch
Differential input circuit, input impedance 1010 Ω
Gain Switch x 1: 1 to 1000, Switch x10: 10 to 10000 adjustable through 10-turn trimmer
Bridge balance Set manually through 10-turn trimmer, coarse and fine adjustment
Signal Output a) On front panel throgh BNC socket ±10 V (filtered signal)
b) Through internal bus connector ±10 V (filtered and unfiltered signal)
Output Low-Pass Filter 12 positions 0.01 Hz to 3 kHz
Electrical Calibration (simulation of e.g. 100 mmHg Selectable by two push buttons on front panel:
a) CAL 1: adjustable through 10-turn trimmer, the calibration voltage is added to the signal.
b) CAL2: adjustable through 10-turn trimmer, the calibration voltage (e.g. 5 V for 100 mmHg) is applied, where the measured signal is switched off.
SUPPRESSION SUP Adjustable with 10-turn trimmer, can be switched on and off
PLUGSYS Width 2 slot units