Stereotaxic Ear Bars

Stereotaxic Ear Bars

Ear bars are used to stabilize the head during stereotaxic surgeries.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
75-1861 Cat/Monkey Ear Bars, 18°
75-1862 Cat/Monkey Ear Bars, 45° (non-rupture)
75-1863 Rat Ear Bars, 18°
75-1864 Rat Ear Bars, 45° (non-rupture)
75-1866 Rat Ear Bars, Hollow, 45°
75-1867 Mouse Ear Bars, 60°
75-1868 Mouse Ear Bars, Rubber (non-rupture)
75-1869 Mouse Ear Bars, Cuff
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Ear bars for stereotaxic surgeries come in different sizes and types for different applications. Available for mouse, rat, cat and monkey. Non-rupturing options are available as well as hollow ear bars for rat auditory studies.

18° Ear Bars: allow the tip to penetrate deep into the ear canal creating a more secure hold puncturing the tympanic membrane.

45 ° Ear Bars: do not penetrate as deeply as the 18 degree ear bars and do not puncture the tympanic membrane.

60° Ear Bars: are specifically for mice to not puncture the tympanic membrane

Hollow Ear Bars: Are designed to be used when performing auditory studies on rats