Pumps for Perfusion Systems & Pump Tubing

Harvard Peristaltic Pump P-70 The Harvard Peristaltic Pump P-70 offers unparalleled accuracy, reproducibility, and ease of --> Learn More
REGLO Analog Peristaltic Pump The REGLO Analog Peristaltic Pump has a variable speed drive with start/stop, speed, and --> Learn More
REGLO Digital Peristaltic Pump REGLO Digital Programmable Peristaltic Pumps offer versatile dispensing functions and provide --> Learn More
Ecoline Microprocessor-Controlled Pump The VC-280 and VC-380 pumps feature exchangeable rotors with either 2 or 3 rollers providing --> Learn More
MCP Pump Drive Dispense by speed (rpm), volume (ml), time (0.1 seconds to 999 hours), flow rate (ml/min) or --> Learn More
BVP Pump Drive The BVP pump drive is very robust and designed for continuous operation. It can be combined with --> Learn More
SB Pump Head Tube Bed with Tube Bed Sets, 2 V or 3 V   The SB Pump head is suitable for use with the MCP and BVP pump drives. --> Learn More
Centrifugal Pump The centrifugal pump is specifically designed for pumping blood and/or erythrocyte suspension --> Learn More

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