Isolated Perfused Abdominal Organ Systems

Moist Chamber Flexible and useful standard chamber for perfusion of most abdominal organs from typical --> Learn More
Autoclavable Moist Chamber Intended for perfusion of isolated organs of small animals such as kidney, liver or --> Learn More
Moist Chamber with Edema Balance Moist chamber with built-in organ weighing system For questions, to add --> Learn More
Universal Perfusion System (UP-100) The UP-100 is a multi-purpose perfusion system best utilized when different types of organs --> Learn More
Moist Chamber for Isolated Pig Liver and Kidney For perfusion studies with pig liver or kidnay, such as transplantation studies, --> Learn More
Perfusion Bath for Tubular Organs (PBTO) Designed for studying intraluminal perfused tubular organs such as trachea, atrial or --> Learn More

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