Isolated Perfused Lung System for Pig and Other Larger Species

The IPL-16 system is designed for whole lung or singlelung lobe perfusion of pig. The unique cannulation system allows the researcher to remove the cannulation block and platform to cannulate the vasculature and trachea outside of the main chamber while maintaining constant perfusion flow and physiological pulmonary artery pressure, and continuous entilation. The system is positive-pressure ventilation based and has an integrated reservoir designed for recirculating perfusion. Perfusion can be performed on a single lobe through multiple arteries or via a single pulmonary artery, as well as to the full lung. The basic system includes lung weight measurement and can easily be upgraded to add capability modules for virtually any ex vivo pulmonary assay—with additions for a nebulizer, real-time flow measurement, and more. 

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Isolated Perfused Lung System for Pig (IPL-16)

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