IH-SR Core System for Isolated Small Rodent Heart

Price on Request

The IH-SR Langendorff Core System is the starting point for all isolated perfused heart experiments on small rodents such as mouse, rat and guinea pig in the Langendorff retrograde perfusion mode.

The core Langendorff system can be easily upgraded to a working heart-ready (ejecting heart) configuration any time later.

Because of its larger heart chamber, this system is well-suited for applications that require ECG and MAP recordings in addition to LVP and pacing. The fully closing heart chamber allows for precise temperature control, making it the optimal choice for mouse heart perfusion. 

Please Note: A fully functional IH-SR system requires the addition of core system options and other components. Other options and upgrades enable specific measurements or applications. 

To ensure that your system is properly configured as a functional unit that meets your application needs, please complete the Checklist at the back of the catalog and then contact Technical Services before placing an order. In the US and outside of Europe, call 800-547-6766 or email support@hbiosci.com. In Europe, please call (49) 7665-92000 or email sales@hugo-sachs.de.

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