Working Heart Upgrade for IH-5 Core System

Price on Request

The IH-5 Langendorff System can be upgraded to a fully-ejecting working heart model for physiological cardiovascular studies, e.g., cardiac function and metabolism. The upgrade allows rapid and easy switching between working heart (ejecting heart) and Langendorff modes.

To upgrade an IH-5 Langendorff Core System to an IH-5 Working Heart System, add a Working Heart Upgrade and one of the species-specific atrial cannulae. To measure flow, a TTFM-2 flowmeter and species-suitable flow probe are also required.

To ensure that your system is properly configured as a complete setup that meets your experimental needs, please email us at or call us at 800-597-0580.  In Europe, please call +49 7665 92000 or email Upgrades can also be modified to meet your specific needs.

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