Multi-Lead ECG and MAP Measurement Options for IH-5 Langendorff or Working Heart

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For multi-lead ECG and MAP measurements on functional IH-5 Langendorff or working heart systems, up to 12 ECG leads are combined with up to 8 MAP electrodes.

The Monophasic Action Potential (MAP) electrodes work based on the principle of Franz et al whereby firm, stable contact of the MAP electrode results in a high-quality MAP. MAP recording has been utilized in cardiac physiology for decades as it allows regional assessment of the electrophysiological state of the intact heart.

Input boxes with circular MAP holders are available for various configurations.

For other options available for the IH-5 system, please see Single-Lead ECG and MAP Measurement Options for IH-SR or IH-5 Langendorff or Working Heart.

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