Millar Ultra-Miniature Single Segment Pressure Volume Loop Catheters for Mouse and Rat

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Millar's ultra-miniature PV catheters are capable of measuring both left ventricular pressure and volume simultaneously from the intact, beating hearts of mice and rats. They may be used in either closed-chest or open-chest surgical procedures, as well as in isolated working heart studies. These catheters are all made of polyimide and have a straight tip and low profile pressure connector.

  • Ultra-miniature 1F to 2F (0.33 to 0.67 mm outer diameter) pressure sensors 
  • Four electrodes (spaced for either mice or rats) 
  • Pressure and volume measurement from a single instrument 
  • Flexible, durable, small-diameter catheter material 
  • High frequency response 
  • Pressure measurement at the source 
  • No motion artifact or damping of pressure signal 
  • For use with Millar MPVS Ultra Pressure Volume Systems

Abbreviations Used in Item Listing:

PV = pressure-volume
SS = single-segment
F = French
E = number of electrodes
SP = electrode spacing
L = length
PI = polyimide (material)
Str = straight (tip type)
NR = non-repairable

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