Millar Multi-Segment Pressure-Volume Loop Catheters for Rabbits and Cats

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Pressure-Volume (PV) catheters for use with Millar's MPVS Ultra Pressure-Volume Systems. Small animal PV models for rabbits and cats feature straight tips and are 3 F in size. They are available in single- or dual-field configurations with 10 electrodes. These catheters are all made of nlyon, have a straight or pigtail tip. and low profile pressure connector.

Abbreviations used in Item Listing:

PV = pressure-volume
MS = multi-segment
F = French
E = number of electrodes
SField = single field
DField = dual field
SP = electrode spacing
L = length
Ny = nylon (material)
Str = straight (tip type)
U-Tip = U-tip (tip type)

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