IH-9 Langendorff and Working Heart Systems for Isolated Mini Pig or Small Domestic Pig Heart

Price on Request

The IH-9 system is a tabletop isolated heart perfusion system developed for small pigs with a body weight up to about 20 kg. It can also be used for rabbit or mini pig models. The IH-9 offers ultimate perfusion stability and real physiological conditions for longer, more relevant recordings with fewer artifacts.

Each IH-9 system is quoted to meet the specific requirements of the researcher. The items in the Item Listing are representative of components that are required to build a core Langendorff retrograde perfusion system to work under constant pressure or constant flow. All items are purchased separately. Additional components are required for a fully functional system. Add the Working Heart Option to upgrade to a working heart system.

To ensure that your system is properly configured as a functional unit that meets your application needs, please complete our Checklist and then contact Technical Services before placing an order. In the US and outside of Europe, call 800-547-6766 or email support@hbiosci.com. In Europe, please call (49) 7665-92000 or email sales@hugo-sachs.de.

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