Invasive Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Transducers (APT300) Inexpensive pressure transducer used to measure arterial blood pressures in all species, even --> Learn More
Fiber Optic Micro-Catheter Pressure Transducers (FISO-LS Series) Unique electronics plus fiber optics produces accurate pressure data at high speed, --> Learn More
Research Grade Blood Pressure Transducers Ideal for monitoring blood pressure during surgery. Sensitive enough for research --> Learn More
Venous Pressure Transducers (P75) Hugo Sachs' rugged low pressure transducer is highly sensitive for research and surgical --> Learn More
Reusable Blood Pressure Transducer (Panlab TRA021) Economical, reusable blood pressure transducer suitable for routine laboratory arterial and --> Learn More
Sterile Disposable Pressure Transducer (DTXPlus) Minimize distortion in the pressure waveform and maximize accuracy Learn More
Sterile Single Use Wide Range Pressure Sensors Small-scale in-line sterile pressure sensors suitable for a variety of applications, i.e. in --> Learn More

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