pH Control Unit for IPL-1 (pHC-1)


Delivers CO2 to maintain pH when system is not deoxygenated with N2/CO2 gas mixture

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73-4308 pH Control Unit for IPL-1 Core Sytem (pHC-1)
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Delivers CO2 to maintain pH when system is not deoxygenated with N2/CO2 gas mixture.

In order to keep the pH in a buffer solution at 7.4 (e.g. in a Krebs-Henseleit buffer). 5% CO2 is necessary. Or in other words a certain amount of CO2 is necessary to hold the pH constant in a physoiological range. Therefore the pH is measured with a pH sensor. The pH control module alows setting to a desired pH, e.g. to 7.4.

If the measured pH is above this value (e.g. 7.4), a small valve opens so that CO2 from a tank goes to a frit in the reservoir. The CO2 changes the pH to a lower value. As soon the pH of 7.4 is reached the CO2 valve is closed. This acts in a closed loop and regulates the pH by bubbling with CO2. This is only necessary for perfusated which are CO2-dependent buffered.

Features & Benefits

  • pHCM Controller delivers gas (commonly CO2) by bubbling into mixed buffer to maintain a desired pH set point dictated by pHCM module
  • Minimizes foaming of perfusates due to minimal gassing of 100% gas to maintain pH  

Included Items

pH Control Unit for IPL-1, pHC-1
(73-4308) includes:
Item # Product Name
69-0072 Foodtrode™ Protein Resistant pH Electrode
69-0075 Protelyte™ Reference Electrolyte Solution, 100 ml
69-0077 Electrode Connecting Cable, BNC to AS7, 1 m (3.3 ft)
73-1784 BNC-BNC Connecting Cable
73-0215 PLUGSYS pH Measurement Module (pHMM)
73-1776 PLUGSYS pH Control Module (pHCM)
N/A Modified Cover to 0.5 L Reservoir

Utilizes 4 slot units. Magnetic stirrer and stirbar sold separately