PLUGSYS pH Control Module (pHCM)

PLUGSYS pH Control Module (pHCM)

Used for maintaining a constant pH of biological solutions in perfusion systems. Used in conjunction with the pHMM pH Measurement Module (73-0215).

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73-1776 pH Control Module (pHCM)
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The pH Control Module (pHCM) is used for maintaining a constant pH in perfusion systems. It can only be used in conjunction with pHMM pH Measurement Module (73-0215) in the PLUGSYS system.

The main application is in ensuring a constant pH of biological solutions, as e.g. the perfusate of isolated organs as isolated lung, heart, liver, kidney or isolated tissues.

To control the pH a gas (commonly CO2) flow bubbling through the perfusion solution is switched on and off. Fine adjustment of the rate of gas flow is by a built-in needle valve. The required pH value and the permitted fluctuations (Hysteresis) can be adjusted on trimmer potentiometers and can be indicated on the corresponding pHMM module by pressing a key.

Control Range, Setting SET POINT is adjustable between approx. pH 6.5 and pH 8.5; set value is indicated on pHMM module by pressing DISPLAY key
Differential, HYST Adjustable between approx. 0.02 to 1 pH units; setting is indicated on pHMM module by pressing DISPLAY key
Controlled Medium (Gas) Depends on perfusion solution used and on control direction; when used on Krebs-Henseleit solution where pH has to be reduced: CO2 gas
Required Condition of Controlled Medium (Gas) Dirt particle size 25 µm max., dry gas pressure 2 bar maximum
Gas Flow Continuously adjustable
PLUGSYS Width 1 slot unit
Connector 10-way ribbon cable to pHMM module
73-1776_PHCM_ENG.WP5.pdfPLUGSYS pH Control Module (pHCM) User's Manual, Version 1.0