Patch Slice Microincubator (PSMI)

Patch Slice Microincubator (PSMI)

A unique environmental control unit that enables patch clamp recordings to be made from a brain slice using an upright microscope with water immersion objective.

  • Small entry angles ideal for patch slice recordings
  • Shallow fluid level minimizes pipette capacitance
  • Heats or cools both media and gas using Peltier devices
  • Operating temperature ranges from ~5° to 50°C
  • Maintains cell conditions for hours
  • 22 mm aperture

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
65-0044 PSMI Patch Slice Micro-Incubator with PS-CSD
65-0053 Patch Slice Cover Slip Dish for PSMI
65-0047 Leiden Aspirator, Cover Slip Dish Fluid Level Setting Device, 38 mm H
65-0052 Mini Magnets for Top Surface of Micro-Incubators (LU-CB-1, PDMI-2, or PSMI), set of 4
65-0057 Model BSC-T3 Thermistor Bath for use with PDMI-2, PSMI, LU-CB1, and TC-202A (36 KW total)
65-0058 Copper Cooling Tube for PDMI-2
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The PSMI Patch Slice Micro-Incubator System provides a complete solution to the challenge of electrophysiological study of synaptic slice connections at physiological temperatures using low noise whole cell patch recording either with or without water immersion of the microscope objective in the recording medium.

This micro-incubator is a shallow, annular assembly which surrounds the central slice holding dish. Room temperature perfusant is delivered to the incubator which in turn delivers it to the dish at a precisely controlled temperature you select. The perfusant is removed (via user supplied suction) by an included, height adjustable aspirator (LU-ASP).

Two independent channels of perfusant flow through the PSMI into the chamber via replaceable plastic tubing of low volume (<100 µl) to allow rapid switching of media via an upstream valve for pharmacological studies. A separate gas inlet provides temperature controlled gas across the dish. The TC-202A provides temperature control (~5° to 50°C) when using the micro-incubator warming/cooling plate as the control point and a water cooling coil for the Peltier devices.

The cover slip dish (PS-CSD) consists of two 22 mm diameter cover slips held in a circular frame. The slice sits on the top cover slip with the immersion objective reaching the fluid surface. The bottom cover slip prevents condensation for optimal illumination and viewing. To enable placement of the patch electrode, entry angles as small as 15° can be achieved for slice access.

Temperature Stability ± 0.2°C with TC-202A, at 37°C with 1 mL/min perfusion
Temperature Gradient Across chamber: 2°C with 1.5 ml media volume, 1 mL/min perfusion
Temperature Range 5°-10°C below ambient to 50°C
Temperature Sensor Thermistor type: 100 kΩ at 25°C YSI 44011
Peltier Device Current rating: 6 A max
Media Perfusion Rates Up to 3.0 mL/min
Dimensions, H x Dia. 17 x 152 mm (0.67 x 6.0 in)
Weight 0.5 kg (17.9 oz)