P and PH Series 20 Platforms

P and PH Series 20 Platforms

Anodized aluminum platforms provide clamping between our Series 20 chambers and their bottom glass coverslips to create a water tight seal.

  • Black anodized aluminum provides good heat conductivity and low stray light reflectance
  • A small hole drilled along platform edge for placement of T1 feedback control thermistor
  • Each Series 20 Platform is compatible with all Series 20 Microscope Stage Adapters
  • Platforms without heating elements can be upgraded later

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0277 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-1
64-0278 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-2
64-0279 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-3
64-0280 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-4
64-0281 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-5
64-0282 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-6
64-0283 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-6D
64-0284 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-1
64-0285 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-2
64-0286 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-3
64-0287 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-4
64-0288 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-5
64-0289 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-6
64-0290 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-6D
64-2400 TC-324C Heater Controller, Single Channel
64-0106 Model CC-28 Cable Assemblies with Connector for TC-324B/344B
64-0107 TA-29 Replacement Cable with Bead Thermistor
64-0274 Heater Elements (2) for PH (Heater) Platforms with Mounting Pads and Screws, RH-2
64-1506 (RPC-1) Replacement platform clamps and screws for P-1, P-3, P-4, P-5, and P-6 platforms, 2 pack
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The Series 20 Platforms function as a base for the Series 20 Imaging and Recording Chambers and provides the clamping needed to make a seal between a chamber and its bottom glass coverslip.

Platforms are machined from aluminum and finished with a black anodize. This provides excellent heat conductivity and minimizes stray light reflectance. Sliding clamps used on most models permit easy removal of the chamber to change its coverslip. The P-2 Platform uses a one piece clamp secured with 4 screws, while all other models use two clamps with 2 screws each (i.e. 4 total).

Platforms can be ordered plain or with resistive heaters. Heater platforms have a pair of 10 ohm resistive elements attached. Control of platform heating is provided by one of our temperature controllers (e.g., TC-324B, TC-344B, CL-100 or CL-200). Connection to the power source can be made using one of our cable assemblies (e.g. CC-28 or CC-15).

Views of PH-1 platform with RC-24N and RC-26G chambers.
Click on image to enlarge.
Views of the P-2 platform both with and without an RC-21B chamber.
Click on an image to enlarge.

NOTE: Warner Instrument Series P or PH platforms are designed to fit the Zeiss 76x26 microscope slide frame (#471719) without the use of a stage adapter. Series PM platforms require a stage adapter. In general, all heater platforms require an insulating material between the platform and frame.


Chamber/Platform look-up table
Our selections update continually, please call our offices if you don't see your specific chamber below.

Imaging or Recording Chamber Central Aperture Platform
Platform image


17.8 mm P-1, PH-1

17.5 mm P-2, PH-2
RC-25 9.5 mm P-3, PH-3
RC-25F 13.0 mm P-4, PH-4
12.0 mm P-5, PH-5

18.9 x 35.6 mm P-6, PH-6
18.9 x 35.6 mm P-6D, PH-6D
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