OxyletPro System - Physiocage (Panlab)

OxyletPro System - Physiocage (Panlab)

Flexible system for the evaluation of respiratory metabolism, food and drink intake and activity in rodents.

  • Home cage advantage, minimizing stress to the subjects
  • Easily expanded and upgraded as needs grow and change
  • Optimized performance with minimal calibration and maintenance
  • Unmatched versatility with small footprint; adaptable system for mice and rat models
  • Special configuration treadmill experiments
  • Highly accurate monitoring of food and drink consumption; combining our specially designed dispensers with our weight transducer technology

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
76-0800 CAGE Home Cage (requires lid)
76-0802 CAGE Airtight Lid, Mouse
76-0801 CAGE Airtight Lid, Rat
76-0805 CAGE Airtight Lid, No Intake Monitoring, Mouse
76-0804 CAGE Airtight Lid, No Intake Monitoring, Rat
76-0807 CAGE Grid Floor Mouse
76-0806 CAGE Grid Floor Rat
76-0809 CAGE Plastic Floor Mouse
76-0808 CAGE Plastic Floor Rat
76-0810 (LE405) Gas Analyzer for Metabolism
76-0812 CALORIMETRY Air Supply and Switching Unit, 4 Chambers
76-0811 (LE4002FL) Air Supply And Switching Unit for Metabolism, 2 Chambers
76-0823 (LE1334) Reference Chamber for Metabolism (one per every 8 cages)
76-0813 INTAKE, ACTIVITY & REARING platform
76-0815 INTAKE Food Dispenser Mouse
76-0814 INTAKE Drink Dispenser with Bottle Mouse
76-0822 INTAKE Food Dispenser Rat
76-0821 INTAKE Drink Dispenser with Bottle Rat
76-0816 ACTIVITY & REARING IR Frame for Rearing Detection
76-0817 METABOLISM Software - V3.0 Platform
76-0818 METABOLISM Software METAOXY Experimental Module - Calorimetry (respiratory metabolism).
76-0819 METABOLISM Software METAINT Experimental Module - Food and Drink Intake
76-0820 METABOLISM Software METAACT Experimental Module - Activity and Rearing
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Innovative Metabolic Monitoring

OxyletPro is a modular system integrating:
  • Respiratory metabolism (VO2 consumption/VCO2 production)
  • Food and drink intake
  • Activity/rearing measurements

OxyletPro, an optimized system for studies in laboratory research models, utilizes indirect calorimetry to evaluate respiratory metabolism.

Food and drink intake and activity are evaluated using Panlab’s weight transducer technology. This highly stable technology permits the continuous assessment of consumption and spontaneous activity with superior accuracy. For a more comprehensive evaluation of activity, an Infrared (IR) frame can be added to monitor rearing behavior.

OxyletPro’s unique modular design allows for simple expandability. Start with the configuration that meets your requirements today, and expands as needs change and grow.

Special configurations are available for calorimetry studies with neonatal rat pups as well as exercise physiology studies with our single lane, airtight treadmills.

OxyletPro can be used in the following applications: Obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders, nutrition studies, chronobiology/circadian rhythm studies, drug screening, phenotyping and more!

Indirect Calorimetry

OxyletPro uses a standard rodent home cage and uses an airtight lid to ensure the integrity of the sample environment. Simply change from a mouse lid to a rat lid - that is how easy it is to adapt the system for both species.

The home cages are autoclavable, making cleaning easy.

The air supply and switching unit allows for independent flow control to each connected cage and sends the cage samples in tandem to the gas analyzer for O2 and CO2 concentration analysis. Since the flow is independently controlled for each cage, the system has the flexibility to conduct simultaneous experiments of subjects of varying species and/or size, making OxyletPro extremely efficient.

Our gas analyzer features a high quality laser diode O2 sensor and Infrared spectroscopy CO2 sensor, allowing 0.01% resolution.

We offer special configurations for neonatal rats and our single lane airtight treadmills.

Food and Drink Intake

Opt for our airtight lids with transducers to add on food and drink intake monitoring! High precision extensiometric weight transducers are integrated into our airtight lid design and feature easy to access food and drink dispensers.

This extremely stable technology allows intake monitoring with the highest possible accuracy (0.02 g for food and 0.01 g for liquid).

Activity and Rearing

Add on the sensor platform, which houses a third extensiometric weight transducer and continuously record spontaneous activity to clearly identify circadian patterns and activity levels. This highly precise capability will allow you to detect activity without displacement; even the finest movements by mice are detected.

For additional activity monitoring, our IR sensor bars are added to detect occurrence and duration of rearing events.

Modular software package for a modular system

Metabolism offers software modules for respiratory metabolism (METAOXY), intake (METAINT), and activity (METACT) to complement our OxyletPro modular hardware. The NEW user interface features an Experiment Assistant which simplifies and expedites the setup and an Advanced Scheduler Tool for organizing and managing OxyletPro experiments. The Data analysis enhancements include runtime viewers and charts for real time monitoring, batch analysis and an option for data averaging.

Now with an improved, 1-minute switching time, OxyletPro and Metabolism provides greater resolution for the following parameters for each user-defined time interval:
  • VO2/VCO2 concentration
  • VO2/VCO2 consumption
  • Air flow rate
  • Respiratory Quotient (VO2/VCO2)
  • Energy expenditure
  • Treadmill data (if applicable)
  • Food and drink consumption
  • Mean spontaneous activity
  • Rearing data

NOTE: the calibration tanks are not provided with the system and should be purchased separately by the user (see specifications below).

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