OxyletPro METABOLISM Software (Panlab)

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The METABOLISM Software is used for the configuration, the data acquisition and data analysis of experiments carried out by the OxyletPro system (respiratory metabolis, food & drink intake and activity).

Metabolism offers software modules for respiratory metabolism (METAOXY), intake (METAINT), and activity (METACT) to complement our OxyletPro modular hardware.

The NEW user interface features an Experiment Assistant which simplifies and expedites the setup and an Advanced Scheduler Tool for organizing and managing OxyletPro experiments.

The Data analysis enhancements include runtime viewers and charts for real time monitoring, batch analysis and an option for data averaging.

Now with an improved, 1-minute switching time, OxyletPro and Metabolism provides greater resolution for the following parameters for each user-defined time interval:

  • VO2/VCO2 concentration
  • Treadmill data (if applicable)
  • VO2/VCO2 consumption
  • Food and drink consumption
  • Air flow rate
  • Mean spontaneous activity
  • Respiratory Quotient (VO2/VCO2)
  • Rearing data
  • Energy expenditure

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