Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator (PDMI-2)

Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator (PDMI-2)

This microincubation system operates equally well under both static and continuously perfused situations.

  • Uses Peltier technology
  • Enables intracellular, whole cell or single channel patch clamp recordings from dissociated cells, cultured cells, and brain slice preparations
  • Enables long-term optical examination of living tissue
  • Heats or cools both media and gas
  • Operating temperature ranges from ~5 to 50 °C

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
65-0043 PDMI-2 Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator, comes with LU-PD and LU-ASP (Adapter not included, see page M93)
65-0058 Copper Cooling Tube for PDMI-2
64-2342 (GHS-250) Gas humidification system
65-0049 (LU-CSD-Special) Leiden multi well cover slip dish; 35 mm D PTFE dish with two (2) kidney-shaped inner optical window wells
65-0050 (MSC-PTD) PTFE Glass Cover Slip Dish; 35 mm D, 9.5 x 19 mm (W x L) Rectangular Optical Window
65-0051 (MSC-TD) PTFE Glass Cover Slip Dish; 35 mm D with removable handle, 35 mm D PTFE dish, 19 mm D optical window
65-0054 Sleeve of 35 mm Petri Dishes, pkg of 20
65-0047 Leiden Aspirator, Cover Slip Dish Fluid Level Setting Device, 38 mm H
65-0093 Alignment Ring for Leica Microscope, 88 x 1.8 mm (OD x Thickness)
65-0059 PDMI-2/PSMI Alignment Ring for Nikon Diaphot (Old or 300/200) TMD Stage, 4.242 x 0.071 in (D x Thickness)
65-0060 PDMI-2/PSMI Alignment Ring for Olympus IX 50/70 or IMT-2 Fixed Stage, 4.320 x 0.071 in (D x Thickness)
65-0061 PDMI-2/PSMI Alignment Ring for Zeiss Axiovert Gliding or Rotary Stages, 4.046 x 0.071 in (D x Thickness)
65-0062 PDMI-2/PSMI Fixing Platform for Leica DAS Mikroskop DMIL and DMIRB/E with Attachable Mechanical Stage
65-0063 PDMI-2/PSMI Fixing Platform for Zeiss Axiovert with Attachable Mechanical Stage, M-Type Stage
65-0064 LU-CB-1 Fixing Platform for Leica DAS Mikroskop DMIL and DMIRB/E with Attachable Mechanical Stage
65-0065 LU-CB-1 Fixing Platform for Zeiss Axiovert with Atachable Mechanical Stage, M-Type Stage
65-0057 Model BSC-T3 Thermistor Bath for use with PDMI-2, PSMI, LU-CB1, and TC-202A (36 KW total)
65-0056 Model BSC-T3A Thermistor Bath for use with LU-CPC-CEH
65-0098 Model BSC-T2 Old Style, Thermistor Bath for Obsolete TC-102
65-0016 Model BSC-T2A Old Style, Thermistor Bath for use with LU-CPC-CEH and TC-102
65-0052 Mini Magnets for Top Surface of Micro-Incubators (LU-CB-1, PDMI-2, or PSMI), set of 4
65-0055 Magnetic Thermistor Holder for LU-CB-1
65-0066 Cover Slip Dish O-Rings Replacement for LU-CSD or MSC-TD, 1 Small (approx. 23.80m mm OD) and 1 Large (approx. 29.80 mm OD), set of 2
65-0067 Cover Slip Dish O-Rings Replacement for MSC-PTD, 1 Small (approx. 20.80m mm OD) and 1 Large (approx. 29.80 mm OD), set of 2
64-0705 CS-25R Coverslips, 0.15 mm (0.006 in), 25 mm diameter, pkg of 100
65-0069 Glass Cover Slips (#2) for LU-CSD or MSC-PTD, 0.18 to 0.25 x 25 mm (Thickness x D), pkg of 100
65-0070 Perfusion/AspirationPTFE Tubing Replacements for PDMI-2/PSMI, 2 ft L x 26 AWG, pkg of 8
65-0071 Silicone Rubber Plugs for LU-CPC or LU-CPC-CEH, set of 4
65-0072 Replacement Output Cable to Connect TC-102 Temperature Controller to LU-CB-1 or LU-CPC-CEH
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When operated with perfusion, the PDMI-2 microincubator has unique design places flexible tubes carrying inflowing perfusate in contact with a temperature regulated Peltier heat pump driven plate, thus heating or cooling the incoming fluid to a command temperature. This eliminates the need for auxiliary preheating or cooling. The Peltier plate also heats or cools the central chamber containing the cells uniformly when no perfusate is flowing.

Flexible Temperature Range

The operating temperature range of the PDMI-2 Open Perfusion Microincubator is nominally 10-14 °C below ambient to 50 °C when used with the TC-202A Temperature Controller but without supplementary water cooling of its fins.

Temperatures as low as 5°C can be achieved by using an optional water carrying Cu coil which attaches to the perimeter fins of the PDMI-2. Temperatures stabilize quickly throughout the operating range and temperature uniformity across the chamber is excellent.

Optimal and Flexible Perfusion

Different modes of operation are possible:

  • Static chamber medium at a constant set temperature
  • Continuous perfusion at a constant set temperature
  • Switching perfusion of extracellular medium at a set temperature
  • Discontinuous perfusion
  • Rapid temperature changes (with perfusion)

Two temperature controlled perfusion lines deliver perfusate solutions through the microincubator into the chamber a nominal rate of 3 ml per minute each. Fluid level is maintained by placing an aspirator (model LU-ASP) in the chamber.

Fluid height is easily adjusted via a simple screw mechanism. A cleverly designed suction port eliminates fluid flutter thus making for quiet aspiration. A magnetic base secures the aspirator to the microincubator at a user selectable convenient location.

Excellent pH Control

The PDMI-2 also provides gas flow over the top of the chamber for pH control and improved temperature uniformity. The open design provides excellent mechanical and optical access to the media.

Low Noise Conditions

A PTFE well is provided with an Ag-AgCl electrode at its base to allow for the formation of a salt bridge when making low noise electrophysiological recordings.

Peltier Device Current Rating Maximum of 6 amperes continuous at ~3 VDC
Temperature Range

When mounted on a microscope stage the operating temperature ranges from 10-14 °C below ambient to 50 °C using the TC-202A bipolar temperature controller but without any supplementary water cooling of heat fins.

Under the same conditions one can achieve as low as 5°C to 50°C using the TC-202A but also supplying water cooling using an optional Cu coil placed in the fins of the PDMI-2.

Temperature Rate of Change For a change of ~10° from 22° (sic. ambient) to 32°C with perfusion flow rates ranging from 1-3 mL/min requires about 3 minutes, using the TC-202A bipolar controller. Slower rates (i.e. longer times) would be obtained using a simple VDC supply.
Media Perfusion Flow Rate Up to 3.0 mL/min under normal conditions. Faster rates are possible if the internal tubing is replaced with either a longer pieces and/or a thinner wall thickness.
Thermal Expansion ± 4 µm between 15° to 30°C
± 20 µm between 30° to 40°C
Plastic Perfusate Tubes PTFE tubing
Chamber Options Corning 35 mm Petri dishes, LU-CSD, MSC-TD or MSC-PTD
Recommended Gas Flow 0.5 to 2.0 L/min
Temperature Stability ± 0.2°C with TC-202A, at 37°C with 1 ml/min perfusion
Temperature Gradient 2°C with 1.5 ml media volume and 1 ml/min perfusion
Temperature Sensor Thermistor: 100 kΩat 25°C - YSI 44011
Dimensions, H x D 17 x 152 mm (0.67 x 6.0 in)
Weight 0.5 kg (17.9 oz)
Microscope Stage Mounting Call for options
650043_PDMI-2,manual.pdfOpen Perfusion Micro-Incubator (PDMI-2) User's Manual