Open Diamond Bath Imaging Chambers for Round Coverslips (RC-25, RC-25F)

Open Diamond Bath Imaging Chambers for Round Coverslips (RC-25, RC-25F)

Open diamond bath recording chambers designed for round coverslips.

  • Designed for physiological measurements of cell cultured coverslips
  • Applications include patch clamp, intracellular/extracellular recordings, and imaging
  • Uses 12 and 15 mm diameter round coverslips as the chamber floor
  • Diamond shaped bath provides laminar solution flow
  • Small bath volume facilitates fast solution exchange

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0232 Round Coverslip RC-25 Recording Chamber, 90 ul
64-0233 Round Coverslip RC-25F Recording Chamber, 133 ul
64-0279 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-3
64-0286 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-3
64-1562 PM-3 Chamber platform with magnetic clamps
64-1506 (RPC-1) Replacement platform clamps and screws for P-1, P-3, P-4, P-5, and P-6 platforms, 2 pack
64-0280 Series 20 Plain Platform, Model P-4
64-0287 Series 20 Heater Platform, Model PH-4
64-1563 PM-4 Chamber platform with magnetic clamps
64-0755 PE-160/10 Polyethylene Tubing PE-160, 10 ft.
64-0756 (PE-160/100) Polyethylene tubing, PE-160, 100 ft
64-0712 CS-12R15 Coverslips for use with RC-25 Chambers, 0.17 mm (0.0067 in), 12 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0713 CS-15R15 Coverslips use with RC-20, RC-20H, RC-25F, RC-42LP, RC-37WC Chambers, 0.17 mm (0.0067 in), 15 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0702 CS-12R Coverslips for use with RC-25 Chamber, 0.15 mm (0.006 in, 12 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0703 CS-15R Coverslips for use with RC-20, RC-20H, and RC-25F Chambers, 0.15 mm (0.006 in), 15 mm diameter, pkg of 100
64-0106 Model CC-28 Cable Assemblies with Connector for TC-324B/344B
64-0107 TA-29 Replacement Cable with Bead Thermistor
64-0274 Heater Elements (2) for PH (Heater) Platforms with Mounting Pads and Screws, RH-2
64-1400 Right Hand Suction Tube, Series 20 Classic Design for use with RC-22/22C, RC-25/25F, RC-26/26G/26GLP/26Z
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The design of the RC-25 and RC-25F chambers incorporates a diamond-shaped bath which has been shown to produce laminar flow. Since the bath volumes of these chambers is small (90 and 133 ul/mm for the RC-25 and RC-25F, respectively), fluid exchange times are measured in seconds even when flow rates are less than 1 ml/min.

The RC-25 works equally well with either 12 or 13 mm diameter coverslips while the RC-25F uses 15 mm coverslips. In general, these coverslips are used to form the bottom of the chamber bath. NOTE: These chambers are not designed for insertion of coverslips from the top.

The RC-25 requires a platform (PM-3, PH-3, or P-3) and stage adapter to complete the assembly for mounting onto a microscope. The chamber is supplied with a package of #1.5 thickness glass coverslips (CS-12R, 12 mm diameter, 100/pkg) and 10 ft of PE-160 tubing.

A temperature controller TC-344C or TC-324C that connects to the heated platform can be added to set and maintain a certain temperature.

Perfusion can be achieved by adding a VC-8 or VC-6 perfusion system, the DVW vacuum system takes care of the waste.

The RC-25F requires a platform (PM-4, PH-4, or P-4) and stage adapter to complete the assembly for mounting onto a microscope. The chamber is supplied with a package of #1.5 thickness glass coverslips (CS-15R, 15 mm diameter, 100/pkg) and 10 ft of PE-160 tubing.

Material polycarbonate polycarbonate
Bath dimensions
(L x W x H)
25 x 12 x 4.1 mm 24 x 13 x 4.1 mm
Volume, by depth 90 μl/mm 133 μl/mm
Bottom coverglass 12 mm round 15 mm round
Input tubing
(ID x OD)
1.14 x 1.57 mm (PE-160) 1.14 x 1.57 mm (PE-160)
Aspirator coupling 1.67 mm (OD) 1.67 mm (OD)

RC-25 Drawing

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