OKO Touch, Smart Box, and Air Pump

OKO Touch, Smart Box, and Air Pump

The OKO Touch is the user interface for all OKO Bold Line controllers.

The Smart Box provides a convenient web-based solution for remotely monitoring or controlling your OKO system.

The Air pump is a good choice for labs lacking a source of clean air.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-2007 (Oko-Touch) Touch screen display for Bold Line controllers
64-2008 (SM-BL) Smart Box (data logger, web server, and remote assistant) for Bold Line controllers
64-1999 (OKO-AP) Air Pump
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OKO Touch

User interface to the Bold Line controllers is via the OKO Touch, a high resolution color touch screen.

OKO Touch connects to any one of the Bold Line Controllers, detects the equipment available, and displays the pages and functions supported by the equipment.

Functions include:

  • Start and stop the controller
  • Define set point values
  • Set flow rate of heating air (for Cage Incubator)
  • Define gas cycles (when connected to a gas controller)
  • Define temperature cycles (when connected to a T controller)
  • Choose the control mode: specimen or chamber/cage feedback
  • Select the chamber model and plate adapter (for Bold Line Top Stage Incubator)
  • Display all the measured variables
  • Run the self calibration procedure (for Bold Line Top Stage Incubator)

Oko Touch 

Smart Box (SM-BL)

The Smart Box enhances the Bold Line by adding the following features:

  • Data logger
  • Web server
  • Video streaming server
  • Remote assistant

Data Logger

The Smart Box acquires the status from the integrated bold line controllers and stores them in a local, non volatile memory.

Examples of acquired and stored data are: set point temperature, specimen temperature, base, cover and humidifying module temperature, CO2/O2 concentration, and set point, gas flow rate, etc. The Smart Box also stores maximum temperature and gas concentration deviation within a certain time interval. Data can be recalled via a web application (through an internet connection to the Smart Box or via a direct Ethernet connection to a PC).

Web Server

The Smart Box is a web server and can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, USB, or via Ethernet. Once connected, it is possible to view the current status, as well as control the integrated control units. For instance the set point can be remotely modified.

Smart BoxVideo Streaming Server

A standard Webcam can be connected to the Smart Box to send streaming images in. This is particularly useful for online support and to monitor the lab remotely.

Remote Assistant

Okolab supports its customers with online video assistance. Via the Smart Box, the support team can be enabled to access the integrated controller units to perform maintenance and trouble shooting.

Air Pump

The Air Pump is a good choice for labs lacking a source of clean air.

 Oko Air Pump



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