O2 Controllers

O2 Controllers

The Bold Line O2 Controller:

  • Controls O2 by mixing air with N2
  • Zirconium oxide O2 sensor
  • Sensor life 10 years
  • Digital/Manual and Bold Line controllers

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Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-2001 (O2 Unit-BL[1-20]) Bold Line O2 Gas Controller, 1-20% range
64-2007 (Oko-Touch) Touch screen display for Bold Line controllers
64-2008 (SM-BL) Smart Box (data logger, web server, and remote assistant) for Bold Line controllers
64-2000 (CO2 Unit-BL) Bold Line CO2 Gas Controller, 0-18% range
64-2006 (OKO-AP_BL) Bold Line Air Pump, max pressure 300 mbar
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Bold Line O2 Controller

The Bold Line O2 unit controls the oxygen concentration over the range of 1- 20% by mixing Air with Nitrogen.

Gas flow rates are digitally controlled. A long life zirconium oxide sensor precisely measures the O2 concentration with great accuracy.


Operation is via an easy to use touch screen interface, OKO-Touch. An optional Smart Box data logger and web server allows operation via any web-enabled device. The system may also be operated via a PC using OKOControl 2.0 software, or NIS-Elements software.

Sensor calibration is made with an external meter or calibration gas. The controller can be attached to CO2 Unit-BL to control both CO2 and O2.

The Oko Touch is necessary for operation of the bold line controller.  Oko Touch

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Bold Line Specifications
Operating mode Adds N2 to Air
Concentration range 0-20%
Accuracy ± 0.1% @ 5% of O2
Set Point Resolution 0.1%
Repeatability 0.05% of O2
Total flow rate 0.4 Nl/min - constant
Outlet pressure Ambient
N2 consumption (at 5% of 02) 0.03 Nl/min
O2 sensor 10 year-life zirconium oxide sensor
Filtering device PTFE membrane with 0.2 μm pores
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