Nylon Mesh Kit (NYL/MESH)

Nylon Mesh Kit (NYL/MESH)

Ideal for supporting and holding slices in recording and imaging chambers.

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64-0198 Nylon Mesh Kit - 12 pieces
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The NYL/MESH nylon mesh kit can be used in conjunction with Warner Instruments. slice anchors or other wire or plastic holders. Samples of these meshes are included with purchase of our RC-27L and RC-29 recording chambers. These meshes can be used to either support tissue slices or to hold slices in place in saline solutions. This could be helpful with many recording and imaging chambers.Nylon Mesh

Each kit includes sections of nylon mesh in two sizes. Meshes are 0.3 mm and 1.13 mm mesh opening and are 0.2 and 0.12 mm thick respectively. Five 7 x 7 cm squares of each size are supplied.