NaviCyte Vertical Multichannel Ussing Chambers

NaviCyte Vertical Multichannel Ussing Chambers

This system features the capacity of running up to 24 chambers simultaneously and is optimized for transport studies on both filter grown cell monolayers and surgically excised tissue sections. 14 different chamber types are currently available. The standard support assembly holds 6 chambers and the included 12 channel gas manifold provides air regulation to both sides of each chamber. An included heater block allows for temperature control with the use of a circulating water bath. While optimized for diffusion-based studies, the use of optional electrodes allows for electrophysiological membrane resistance measurements.

  • Designed for easy placement of Snapwell or tissue sections
  • Compatible with all Snapwell and tissue diffusion chamber configurations
  • Versatile and convenient
  • Side-by-side orientation prevents a hydrostatic pressure gradient across cell layer
  • Distributes gas (user supplied) to the diffusion chambers
  • Media circulation is generated by gas lift, reducing unstirred fluid layers adjacent to cells
  • Individual control valves on gas manifold allow independent adjustment of gas flow into each diffusion chamber half-cell
  • Closed perfusion option available


How to order (Please see Item Listing):
1. Select Base Assembly
  Needed if using more than one chamber or if heating
2. Select Chambers
  Order from 1 to 6
3. Order Perfusion Caps
  Needed for perfusing in standard volume chambers. Not needed for low volume chambers 
  Not needed if using electrode caps. One set per chamber
4. Order Electrodes and Glass Barrels
  Needed for making electrophysiological recordings. One set per chamber 
5. Order Electrode Caps
  Needed for making electrophysiological recordings in standard volume chambers
  Note special cap for Snapwell chambers
  One set per chamber

Please see the Full Description for complete information about Navicyte Vertical Multichannel Ussing Chambers.


Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
66-0075 6-Chamber heater block assembly (includes heating block, air/gas manifold, clear front panel, retaining ring clamp tool)
66-0014 Standard Vertical Chamber, 9 mm Round
66-0036 Standard Vertical Chamber, 4 mm Round
66-0013 Standard Vertical Chamber, 8 x 24 mm Oblong
66-0032 Standard Vertical Chamber, 4 x 8 mm Oblong
66-0038 Standard Vertical Chamber, 6 x 9 mm Oblong
66-0046 Standard Vertical Chamber, 5 x 24 mm Oblong
66-0026 Low Volume Vertical Chamber, 5 mm Round
66-0015 Low Volume Vertical Chamber, 9 mm Round
66-0027 Low Volume Vertical Chamber, 12 mm Round
66-0040 Low Volume Vertical Chamber, 3 mm Round
66-0034 Low Volume Vertical Chamber, 2 x 10 mm Oblong
66-0042 Low Volume Vertical Chamber, 4 x 8 mm Oblong
66-0008 Specialty Vertical Chamber, Snapwell™
66-0023 Ag/AgCl Electrodes with Potassium Chloride, pkg. of 4, with O-rings
66-0024 Glass Barrel for Electrode with Ceramic Tip, pkg. of 8
66-0019 Tissue Chamber Perfusion Cap, pkg. of 2
66-0018 Tissue Chamber Electrode Cap, pair L/R
66-0020 Electrode Cap for Snapwell™ Chambers, pair L/R
66-0049 Open Screws (with step) and O-rings, serves as Electrode Holders for Vertical Low Volume Diffusion Chambers, pkg. of 12. This step will allow the electrode to be positioned in the same place every time
72-4924 TC120 Thermocirculator, complete with 5 L plastic bath and lid, 120 V
72-4921 TC120 Thermocirculator, complete with 5 L plastic bath and lid, 220 V
64-2244 (WB-KIT) TC-120 Thermocirculator Tubing Kit for EasyMount/Navicyte/Strathkelvin
66-0009 6-Chamber Heating Block
66-0048 12 Channel Air Manifold
66-0010 Clear Front Panel
66-0007 Retaining Ring and O-Ring, pkg. of 12
66-0012 Retaining Ring Clamp Tool
66-0050 Electrode Cap Screws for 66-0018 and 66-0020, pkg. of 12
66-0057 Small O-rings for Electrodes, pkg. of 24
7507-023 Replacement air line for air\gas manifold, 6 in long
7507-028 Replacement air line for air\gas manifold, 36 in long
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The NaviCyte Vertical chamber system consists of up to six vertical chambers, a gas manifold, and a heater block. The system can be extended to 24 channels by theNavicyte Vertical Chamber System use of an available 24 channel heater block. NaviCyte Vertical chambers do not use inserts, except for the Snapwell chamber, and 14 different chambers are currently available. Chambers are described in detail below.

Single or multichannel setups
Chambers can be used singly as a stand-alone entity, or can be mounted in quantity into the heater/support blocks. The heater/support blocks provide chamber heating. The standard heater block and associated gas manifold allows up to six experiments to be run in parallel. The compact design (38.1 x 10.2 x 12.7 cm) of this setup conserves valuable bench space.

Heater Blocks Navicyte Heater Blocks
The standard heater block of the NaviCyte Vertical chamber system provides efficient and precise temperature control of chambers. Temperature is regulated by use of an external, user supplied circulating water bath. An optional 24 channel heat block (shown above) allows a greater number of simultaneous measurements to be made.

Gas Manifold
The 6-chamber (12-channel) gas manifold distributes gas to the chambers where media circulation is generated by a gas-lift process. Gas manifolds can be ganged to accommodate the 24 chamber heater block.

NaviCyte Vertical Chambers
NaviCyte Vertical chambers are primarily designed for work with excised tissue segments. Chambers are two piece assemblies held together by a high spring-tension retaining ring to insure leak free operation. Tissue is affixed between the opposing faces of two half-chambers using a series of pins that surround the opening. Chambers are available with both circular and oblong openings of various sizes.

The optimal choice of opening will depend on the size and type of tissue under study. For example, an oblong opening can increase the effective sample surface area for an intestinal tissue.

Low Volume Chambers
Several low volume chambers are offered and are designed to reduce the amount of compound required for permeability studies.

SnapwellTM Chamber
The SnapwellTM chamber is specifically designed for use with SnapwellTM culture inserts from Corning Costar. This chamber accepts the lower section of the insert, which contains the cultured cell monolayer.

Perfusion Caps
Perfusion caps provide perfusion capability to the standard volume chambers. They are not needed for, and cannot be used with, the low volume chambers The use of a perfusion cap places a chamber into its 'closed' configuration.

Electrode Caps
Electrode caps provide electrode placement within the standard volume chambers. The use of an electrode cap places a chamber into its 'closed' configuration. You do not need to use a perfusion cap if using an electrode cap.

Note that there is a special electrode cap for the Snapwell chamber.

The low volume chambers do not use electrode caps and are supplied with electrode screws to position electrodes.

Navicyte Electrodes   Navicyte Elecrode Manifold

NaviCyte Electrodes
While optimized for diffusion-based assays, NaviCyte electrodes are available for making electrophysiology-based measurements with NaviCyte chambers. Electrodes can be used with NaviCyte Horizontal chambers in both their open and closed configurations. Standard volume chambers require the use of electrode caps for proper electrode placement.

NaviCyte Electrode Manifold
Electrode manifolds are available to organize the multiple connections between the amplifier(s) and the electrodes when making electrophysiology-based measurements using multiple chambers.

Two manifolds are available, one compatible with the VCC amplifiers and the other compatible with the 'Computer Controlled Multi-Clamp with Software' package. See the associated amplifiers for these components.


Navicyte 1

Navicyte Vertical

Warner's Guide to Ussing Chamber Systems (091022) WLR.pdfWarner's Guide to Ussing Chamber Systems
6600xx_Navicyte_Manual1.pdfNavicyte Ussing System Manual
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