NaviCyte Horizontal Multichannel Ussing Chambers

NaviCyte Horizontal Multichannel Ussing Chambers

This system features the ability to run up to six chambers simultaneously and is optimized for transport studies on cells and tissues exposed to an air interface. The included heater block permits temperature control, with the use of a circulating water bath, for these chambers in both open and closed configurations. While optimized for diffusion-based studies, the use of optional electrodes permits electrophysiological membrane resistance measurements.

  • Designed for transport studies on cells and tissues normally exposed to an air interface (nasal, corneal, pulmonary or dermal)
  • Option of using cultured cells or tissue samples makes the horizontal diffusion chamber system versatile and convenient for correlation studies
  • Six simultaneous tests can be run, improving experimental precision
  • Heater block allows system temperature control with the use of a circulating water bath
  • Open or closed configuration
  • Compact: 38.1 x 8.9 x 10.2 cm (15 x 3.5 x 4 in)
  • Conserves valuable bench space


How to order (Please see Item Listing):
1. Select Base Assembly
   This is the heater block and is needed only if using more than one chamber or if heating
2. Select Chambers
    Order from 1 to 6 per heater block. Each chamber includes both open and closed caps and electrode port
    screws (for perfusion-only applications)
3. Order a tissue mounting ring
    If not using Snapwell. Order one per chamber
4. Order electrodes; glass barrels; and open screws
    If making electrophysiological recordings

Please see the Full Description for complete information about Navicyte Horizontal Multichannel Ussing Chambers.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
66-0017 Heat Block for Horizontal Chambers, for 1 to 6 Chambers
66-0016 Horizontal Diffusion Chambers System with Open and Closed Caps
66-0022 Tissue Mounting Ring for Horizontal Chamber Only
66-0023 Ag/AgCl Electrodes with Potassium Chloride, pkg. of 4, with O-rings
66-0024 Glass Barrel for Electrode with Ceramic Tip, pkg. of 8
66-0058 Open Screw (straight hole) and O-rings, serves as an electrode holder for Horizontal Diffusion Chambers, pkg. of 24
66-0054 Closed Caps for Horizontal Chambers
66-0053 Closed Screws, used when perfusion is not needed, pkg. of 24
66-0056 Male Luer Fitting - 3/32 Bar, pkg. of 24
66-0057 Small O-rings for Electrodes, pkg. of 24
72-4924 TC120 Thermocirculator, complete with 5 L plastic bath and lid, 120 V
72-4921 TC120 Thermocirculator, complete with 5 L plastic bath and lid, 220 V
64-2244 (WB-KIT) TC-120 Thermocirculator Tubing Kit for EasyMount/Navicyte/Strathkelvin
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The NaviCyte Horizontal chamber system consists of a heater/support block and up to six horizontal chambers. Chambers require the use of a supplied open or closed chamber cap into which either a SnapwellTM culture cup or a tissue mounting ring may be fitted. Culture cups or tissues are mounted on a horizontal plane. Chambers have basolateral and apical inputs for attachment to perfusion lines, and in the closed configuration chambers can accept electrodes.

Single or multichannel setups

Chambers can be used singly as a stand-alone entity, or can be mounted into the heater/support block in sets of up to six chambers per block. The heater/support block provides chamber heating and is recommended even if using a single chamber. Inserts are easily exchanged in mounted chambers. The compact footprint (38.1 x 8.9 x 10.2 cm) of the heater/support block conserves lab bench space.

Open and Closed Configurations

Open and closed chamber configurations are defined by the use of an open or closed chamber cap. Either cap completes the chamber and holds the culture cup or tissue ring into place. Both an open and closed cap is supplied with each chamber.

In the open configuration, the upper surface (usually the apical side) of the membrane is directly accessible, making the system suitable for drug transport studies or cytotoxicity testing of liquids or semi-solid materials. In the closed configuration, the membrane can be exposed to solutions, exposed to gases, perfused with gas, or perfused with liquid.

NaviCyte Electrodes and Electrical Manifolds

While optimized for diffusion-based assays, NaviCyte electrodes are available for making electrophysiology-based measurements from NaviCyte chambers. Electrodes can only be used with the NaviCyte Horizontal chamber in its closed configuration.

Electrical manifolds are available to organize the multiple connections between the amplifiers and the electrodes when making electrophysiology-based measurements using multiple chambers. Two manifolds are available, one compatible with the VCC amplifiers and the other compatible with the 'Computer Controlled Multi-Clamp with Software' package. See the associated amplifiers for these components.

Warner's Guide to Ussing Chamber Systems (091022) WLR.pdfWarner's Guide to Ussing Chamber Systems
6600xx_Navicyte_Manual1.pdfNavicyte Ussing System Manual
Corning-Snapwell-Transwell Instruction Manual1.pdfCorning Guide to Snapwell