Mitocell Miniature Respirometer (MT-200, MT-200A)

Mitocell Miniature Respirometer (MT-200, MT-200A)

This microminiature respirometer is designed for respiration measurements of mitochondria isolated from biopsy samples.

  • Sample volumes from 50 µl to 1 ml
  • Glass chamber provides good visibility of contents
  • Transparent polycarbonate plunger
  • Allows direct injection of substrates and inhibitors
  • Integral magnetic stirrer
  • Compatible with the 1302 Oxygen Sensor
  • Compatible with Dual- or Six-Channel Oxygen Meter

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
69-3033 Mitocell Miniature Respirometer MT 200, 50/100 µl
72-6186 Mitocell Miniature Respirometer MT200A, 0.3/0.5/1.0 ml
69-3006 Microcathode Oxygen Electrode Model 1302 with polypropylene jackets
69-3001 Model 782 Dual channel oxygen meter with automatic respirometry software
69-3002 (SI-929) Model SI-7929 Six channel oxygen meter with standard respirometry software
72-6187 Replacement Glass Plunger for MT200
69-3017 (SI-066) Modified syringe for MT-200 and MS-200, 1
69-3038 (SI-058) Plunger for MT-200 and MS-200
69-3040 (SI070) Adjustment rod and hex key for MT-200 and MS-200
98-2200 (SI-069) Spinbars for MT-200 and MS-200, 6 pack, with magnet
72-6188 Replacement Glass Plunger for MT200A
69-3015 (SI-067) Modified syringe for MT-200A and MS-200A, 5
69-3037 (SI-056) Plunger for MT-200A and MS-200A
69-3039 (SI-068) Spinbars for MT-200A and MS-200A, 6 pack
69-3041 (SI071) Volume peices and hex key for MT-200A and MS-200A
72-4924 TC120 Thermocirculator, complete with 5 L plastic bath and lid, 120 V
72-4921 TC120 Thermocirculator, complete with 5 L plastic bath and lid, 220 V
64-2244 (WB-KIT) TC-120 Thermocirculator Tubing Kit for EasyMount/Navicyte/Strathkelvin
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The MT-200 Mitocell Miniature Respirometer can be used in any situation where the sample size is limited. The base section contains an integral, solid state, fixed speed magnetic stirrer. The rear of the unit has attachments for connecting the MT-200 to a circulating source of constant temperature control. A 1302 Oxygen Sensor is inserted from below so that its protruding polypropylene or FEP membrane forms the floor of the respiration chamber. The MT-200 can be used in conjunction with either the 782 Dual-Channel Oxygen Meter or the 928 Six-Channel Oxygen Meter.

The glass chamber unit is comprised of an outer water jacket and a central, precision bore tube. The chamber floor is formed by the insertion of the polycarbonate plunger which can be inserted to various depths depending on the desired respiration chamber volume. Chamber volume calibration is achieved by means of a gauge piece, which is supplied.

Substrate or inhibitor can be directly added during the course of a respirometry run via the capillary bore in the plunger. A 1 µl syringe is supplied for the MT-200 and a 5 µl syringe is supplied with the larger volume MT-200A.

The chamber unit is sealed against the base by a threaded acetal collar. By unscrewing this collar the chamber unit can be removed for cleaning.

MT-200 MT-200A
Sample chamber 50 µl, 100 µl 300 µl, 500 µl, 1000 µl
Diameter 4 mm 4 mm
Chamber unit Glass Glass
Plunger Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Bore 1 mm 1 mm
Magnetic stirrer 5 volt DC from plug-top power supply 5 volt DC from plug-top power supply
mt200_mt200A_manual.pdfMitocell Miniature Respirometer (MT-200, MT-200A) Manual