MidiVent Ventilator for Large Mice and Small Rats (Model 849), Single Animal, Volume Controlled

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The MidiVent Model 849 Ventilator is a quiet, compact and light weight ultra low volume ventilator. While it was designed specifically for large mice, the MidiVent can be used for any animal (e.g. small rats, shrew, hamster) which requires tidal volumes in the range of 60 to 700 µl and respiratory rates of 60 to 400 breaths per minute.

The extremely light weight and compact construction, in addition to the convenient rod clamp, allow the MidiVent ventilator to be positioned directly next to the animal.

  • Ideal for large mice and small rats up to 100 grams 
  • Stroke volume range from 60 to 700 µl
  • Ventilation rate from 60 to 400 breaths/minute 
  • Simple adjustment of stroke volume while running 
  • Valveless piston pump, no valves to clog 
  • Very small instrument/circuit dead space volume 
  • Compact construction, easy to install close to animal 
  • No vibrations, very low noise

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