MicroVent Ventilator for Prenatal Mice (Model 848), Single Animal Volume Controlled

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The MicroVent Ventilator is a constant-volume respiration pump operating on the Starling principle. Unlike conventional units for larger animals, this ventilator employs a rotary plunger and has no valves. During each ventilation cycle, the plunger performs a synchronized forward and rotating movement. Cleverly arranged bores and channels in the cylinder and plunger control inspiration and expiration during each stroke of the plunger.

  • Ideal for very small animals, perinatal mice, birds 
  • Stroke volume range from 0 to 130 µl 
  • Ventilation rate from 60 to 400 breaths/minute 
  • Simple adjustment of stroke volume while running 
  • Valveless piston pump, no valves to clog 
  • Very small instrument/circuit dead space volume 
  • Compact construction, place close to animal 
  • No vibrations, very low noise .

The extremely light weight and compact construction, in addition to the convenient rod clamp, allow the MicroVent Ventilator to be positioned directly next to the animal.

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