Micromanipulator DC Microdrive Type 864/1

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The motorized micrometer drive Type 864/1 is based on the motor X axis of the long-established micromanipulator DC-3K. Together with the HSE-HA Microdrive Controller Type 864 it permits remotely controlled displacement of microelectrodes or capillaries, e.g. in intracellular potential recording, patch clamp experiments or stereotaxic investigations in the brain. It thus represents a complete alternative to hydraulic micro drives which have now become very expensive. The mechanism is based on a conventional micrometer screw with a displacement of 10 mm. The micrometer scale is visible and permits reading to 10 µm. The drive is powered by a flange-mounted DC motor with gearbox. The micrometer drive slider moves on a precision crossed-roller guide.

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