Microforge-Grinding Center (MFG-5)

Microforge-Grinding Center (MFG-5)

Glass micropipette polishing, shaping, tipping, bending, beveling, and grinding - all in one compact platform.

  • Rapid and easy switching between microforge and microgrinder by turning the tool manipulator
  • Precise, convenient movement controls for heater/grinder, pipette locations and optical focus
  • Universal pipette holder for one to seven barrel pipettes and 0-180 degree beveling
  • Up to 40X, long working distance objective and 10X eyepiece optics combination, plus scale eyepiece for precision measurement.
  • Adjustable, precision power supply for variable grinder speed and heating level
  • Pressurized air for pipette tip clearing, expanding, and cooling. Foot switch controllable

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-1612 (MFG-5) Microforge Grinding Center
64-1613 (MFG-5A) Microforge Microgrinding Center with Air
64-1610 (MF-5) Microforge
64-1611 (MG-5) Microgrinder
64-1616 (MFG-5E) Microforge Grinding Center
64-1617 (MFG-5AE) Microforge Grinding Center with Air
64-1614 (MF-5E) Microforge
64-1615 (MG-5E) Microgrinder
64-1647 10x Eyepiece WF for MF-5/MG-5
64-1648 25x Objective (LWD: 4.8 mm) for MF-5/MG-5
64-1649 40x Objective (LWD: 3.3 mm) for MF-5/MG-5
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MFG-5 Foot SwitchThe MFG-5 microforge/grinding center is designed for precise and efficient modification of micropipette and multi-pipette tips. This unique apparatus combines a precision microforge with a full-function microgrinder in a compact platform.

The optical system of the MFG-5 is based on a high power, horizontally mounted binocular microscope. A precision focusing system, with a dual-axial pipette holder, can conveniently and precisely position single or multi-barrel pipettes. The pipette holder is capable of rotating through 180 degrees to allow a multitude of beveling angles and pipette bending positions.

The MFG-5 uses high quality optical components, which includes a 10x wide field eyepiece, and 4x, 10x/0.25, and 40x/0.6 long working distance plan achromatic objectives. The 10x wide field scale eyepiece can be used as an independent and accurate measurement tool. Two high-intensity LED.s provide a powerful light source.

An included foot switch, or a heat/speed adjustment dial, can be used to regulate the attached heater or grinder foot switch. The MFG-5A has a second foot switch for the regulation of pressurized air. Air from an external source is connected to the microforge/grinding center and when the foot switch is activated, is directed to an output channel. Pressure air from this source can be used for clearing a pipette of dust after grinding, or for expanding or cooling a pipette during forging.

The MFG-5 can be purchased comprised of the microforge only, the microgrinder only, or comprised of both components. For the latter system the microgrinder and the microforge mini-heater can be quickly and easily switched between components mounted on a single integrated tool manipulator. Finally, the MFG-5 can be combined with a PMP-102 or a PMP-107 micropipette/multipipette puller to assemble a complete micropipette production work station.

Precision Mciroforge/Grinding Center with Air pressure in/out ports. 220-240 VAC. CE. With: Precision micro platinum heater and micro diamond disc grinder controlled by 3-dimensional fine/coarse manipulator in horizontal binocular microscope platform.

Turnable Easy Clamp Pipette holder (without screw tighten) in 3-dimensioal minipulator. Pressure air in/output ports, in/out connectors tubing and control valve with extra foot switch

10x scale eyepieces, 4x 10x objective lenses

Microforge and grinding control Foot switch. Spare platinum heat wire x3, 3x 0.1um, 3x 0.5 um and 3x 1.0 um grade diamond grinding disks, special tubing, 1.5ml vial and connectors, syringes, polished and ground samples, cover and user's manual.

Pipette Movement Two-axial manipulator and coarse-fine focusing adjustment
Heater Movement Three-dimensional adjustment
Pipette Holder 180 degree turn-table for single or multipipette holding
Body Horizontal Binocular Microscope
Eyepiece 10x WF, Optional 10x Scaled
Objective Lenses 4x, 10x/0.25, 40x, Optional: 25x, 40x/0.6 LWD
Heater Platinum Wire
Light Two super bright LEDs
Air Input/Output Optional air jet foot switch, input/output tubing and connector
Accessory Extra foot switch
Power Supply 20 W, 120/240 VAC
(MDI) MFG-5A Microgrinder-Microforge.pdfMicroforge-Grinding Center (MFG-5) Manual