Microelectrode Holder Spare/Replacement Parts

Microelectrode Holder Spare/Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Microelectrode holders

  • Coupling Elements
  • Pipette and Wire Seals
  • Glass Seal Compression Caps
  • Connector Pins and Jacks

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-1297 Moulded Ag-AgCl Pellet Assembly
64-1282 Ag Wire, 0.25 mm Diameter x 70 mm Long
64-1288 Ag/AgCl pellet, 1 mm dia, PTFE coated Ag wire, hybrid assembly (HP-205)
64-1289 Pipette Seal for 1.0 m Diameter Glass
64-1290 Pipette Seal for 1.2 m Diameter Glass
64-1374 Pipette Seal for 1.7 m Diameter Glass
64-1292 Pipette Seal for 2.0 m Diameter Glass
64-1298 Wire Seal for E, ME, MP, and Theta Holders
64-1299 Wire Seal for Q and PE Series Holders
64-1300 Wire Seal for Q and PE Series Holders with Threaded "T" Connector
64-1293 Compression Cap for 1.0 mm Glass Holders
64-1294 Compression Cap for 1.2 mm Glass Holders
64-1295 Compression Cap for 1.5 mm Glass Holders
64-1375 Compression Cap for 1.7 mm Glass Holders
64-1296 Compression Cap for 2.0 mm Glass Holders
64-1283 1 mm Pin for Q and PE Holders with A or T Connectors
64-1284 1.3 mm Pin for Q and PE Holders with B (BNC) Connector
64-1285 2 mm Threaded Pin for E, ME, and Theta Holders
64-1286 2 mm Jack Assembly for All Series Holders
64-1287 2 mm Pin for Q and PE Holders with M Connector
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Coupling Elements


  Pipette and Wire Seals




 Glass Seal Compression Caps










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