Micro-Incubation System (DH-40iL)

Micro-Incubation System (DH-40iL)

Designed to provide complete environment control for either the Series 40 open bath chambers or 35 mm cell culture dishes.

  • Enables imaging, temperature and atmospheric control within the chamber
  • Sample perfusion supported in both the open and closed configurations
  • Supports Series 40 quick change imaging chambers
  • Supports 35 mm cell culture dishes
  • Fits both upright and inverted microscopes
  • Optional heated top coverslip eliminates condensation in the closed configuration

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0388 Culture dish incubation system
64-1543 (HCS-1) Heated top coverslip for DH-35i and DH-40iL chamber
64-1696 (CS-40R15) Round cover glass, #1.5 thickness, 40 mm, 50 pack
64-1544 (HCS-RPL) Replacement ITO coverslip for HCS-1 heated chamber top
64-0351 Replacement Adapter Ring Kit for 35 mm Dishes
64-1507 (RPC-2) Replacement clamps for DH-35i, DH-40iL, QE-1
64-2342 (GHS-250) Gas humidification system
64-2400 TC-324C Heater Controller, Single Channel
64-2401 TC-344C Heater Controller, Dual Channel
64-0106 Model CC-28 Cable Assemblies with Connector for TC-324B/344B
64-0107 TA-29 Replacement Cable with Bead Thermistor
64-0102 SH-27B Solution In-Line Heater
64-0103 SF-28 Slow Flow In-Line Solution Heater
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The DH-40iL Microincubator is designed for imaging live cells under quick change imaging chamberconstant temperature and atmospheric conditions. This versatile incubation system enables high resolution image analysis, fluorescence microscopy, and time-lapse imaging studies while accommodating both upright and inverted microscopes.

The DH-40iL will work, in both its open and closed configurations, with any Warner Series 40 quick change imaging chamber (such as the RC-40LP, RC-41LP, RC-42LP, and the RC-40HP.

In the open configuration, the DH-40iL also works with 35 mm cell RC-37 insertculture dishes from Falcon, Corning and Willco, and can accommodate RC-37 Series dish inserts. In the closed configuration, the DH-40iL also works with the Corning 35 mm cell culture dish using the new disposable RC-33 Series dish inserts. Adapter rings are supplied to insure a close fit for Falcon, Corning and Willco dishes. Clamps are provided to insure good contact between the chamber or dish and the heated surface, and to prevent movement. Both open and closed configurations provide for continuous perfusion of the sample.

The removable top section of the incubator is magnetically held in place and has several sealed ports to allow perfusion, aspiration, and gas atmosphere maintenance. Perfusion and suction tubes can be easily adjusted without disturbing the cell environment. When used in the open configuration, magnetic clamps are supplied to allow entry of perfusion and suction tubes into the unit.

The base section of the DH-40iL has a 25 mm diameterstage adapter aperture and the removable top section features a 40 mm glass aperture. An optional heated top coverslip (HSC-1) eliminates condensation when the DH-40iL is used in the closed configuration. Resistive heating of the DH-40iL is provided by means of Warner's TC-324C or TC-344C temperature controllers and a CC-28 cable.

The DH-40iL microincubator package includes a set of 4 adapter rings, suction and perfusion tubes, magnetic holders, clamps for Series 40 chambers and 35 mm dishes, PE-160 tubing (10 ft.), 1/16. ID Tygon tubing (25 ft.), and 5 replacement 40 mm coverslips.

The DH-40iL uses Warner's Series 20 stage adapters which are available for all major microscope models. Custom or modified stage adapters are also available

AR-4 Ring Dimensions
ColorWeightID OD
Gold 1.3 g 38.96 mm




40.62 mm

Green 3.2 g 35.94 mm
Blue 2.7 g 33.81 mm
Red 2.1 g 37.44 mm
Black 3.4 g 35.46 mm
Silver 3.5 g 35.41 mm


Weight with Cover 134 g
Weight without Cover55 g 
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