Magnet Spring Clamp Set (MSC-1)

Magnet Spring Clamp Set (MSC-1)

These magnetic stainless steel clamps are the perfect addition to any magnetic chamber platform.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-1653 (MSC-1) Magnetic spring clamp set
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The MSC-1 presents a selection of clamp pairs, each pair has a different bend angle. Magnetic stainless steel plates supplied with the clamp set can be fastened to a chamber or to a stage using double sided tape. This allows the use of light duty clamps for perfusion tubes or ground wires in addition to clamping cell culture plastic ware.

You'll find dozens of uses in your lab for these light and easy-to-use clamps.

Distance from Magnet to Bottom Edge
Red 2.5 mm
Green 5.0 mm
Yellow 7.8 mm
Blue 9.0 mm
Magnetic stainless 16 x 40 mm