Kymograph Ink Pen and Ink

Kymograph Ink Pen and Ink

Ink Pen for Harvard Apparatus kymographs

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
50-0686 Ink Pen
50-7036 Ink Pen Filler
50-0728 Writing Ink, 30 ml
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This Ink Pen has a very small ink writing nib set in the sealed end. The reservoir holds several drops of ink for tracings. The pen and reservoir are mounted on the end of a 100 mm (4 in) aluminum stem with a split fork mount for mating with levers. Supplied with a stilette wire to draw the ink through the nib. The BS4 50-0736 Pen Filler, available separately, is used to fill the pen. Some ink should flow through the pen while it is filled to keep an air lock from forming that would impede ink flow.

The 50-0728 specially prepared ink is for use with fine capillary tubing and fine writing styli.

Ink Volume4 in30 ml
Material100 mmPlastic Bottle