In-line Solution Heater Holders (SHH)

In-line Solution Heater Holders (SHH)

An ideal tool for and holding Warner In-line solution heaters close to the chamber.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-1555 (SHH-1) Holder for SH-27B and SF-28 solution heaters
64-1556 (SHH-2) Holder for SC-20 solution heater/cooler
64-1557 (SHH-3) Holders for SHM-6, SHM-8, and SHM-828 solution heaters
64-1558 (SHH-4) Holders FR-50 and FR-55S flow valves
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Machined from a solid Delrin block, these sturdy holders can be secured to your microscope stage using gaffers or duct tape.

The SHH-1 works with both our SH-27B and SF-28 solution heaters.

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