IMMO Board (Panlab)

IMMO Board (Panlab)

A new design for optimizing immobilization procedures for psychological stress studies in rodents

  • Emotional stress of unmatched intensity
  • Enhanced quality of the psychological component of stress
  • Minimizes animal lesion and escaping (no physical stress induced)
  • Optimal homogeneity and reproducibility in the results
  • Easily adaptable for mouse of any sizes
  • Easy to clean, odour-resistant material

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76-0442 (IMMO) Immobilization Board
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Forced immobilization is commonly used as a model of stress in small laboratory animals, especially for producing psychological stress. In this context, the Panlab IMMO BOARD is an adaptation of the standard immobilization board used in neuroendocrinological and behavioural studies in rats and mice (Kvetnansky and Mikulaj, 1970; Chesnokova et al, 1998; Golub et al, 2004).

The IMMO BOARD consists in a central board made with non-porous (odour-resistant) material provided with 4 movable arms for animal paws fixation. The fixation of the paws is obtained through the use of adhesive tape. The animal whole body is gently maintained in place using a velcro ribbon. Four paws insure the stability of the board and makes easier to passage of the ribbon all around the structure for getting optimal animal immobilization.

The new design* proposed aims to solve all the reported problems associated with the use of the common immobilization boards existing in the field making the IMMO BOARD an attractive alternative to procedures using standard cylindrical restrainers: unmatched quality provided for animal restraint (avoid animal lesion and escaping), enhance the quality of the psychological component of stress obtained and get optimal homogeneity and reproducibility in the results.

* developed with the collaboration of the Centre of Genomic Regulation (CRG - Mara Dierssen group) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - Antonio Armario group)