IH-SR Core System Options

IH-SR Core System Options

Additions to the IH-SR Core System for species-specific Langendorff Only or Langendorff Working Heart-Ready configurations.

Options must be selected for a functional unit.

To ensure that your system is properly configured as a functional unit that meets your application needs, please complete our Checklist and then contact Technical Services before placing an order. In the US and outside of Europe, call 800-547-6766 or email support@hbiosci.com. In Europe, please call (49) 7665-92000 or email sales@hugo-sachs.de.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
73-4019 Additions to IH-SR Basic System for Mouse Hearts
73-4020 Additions to IH-SR Basic System for Rat Hearts
73-2806 Servo Controller for Perfusion (SCP)
73-4346 Perfusion Pressure Control with Starling Resistor (STARLING-IHSR)
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Additions to the IH-SR Core System for species-specific Langendorff Only or Langendorff Working Heart-Ready functional units

An IH-SR Langendorff functional unit requires the addition of core options to the selected core system (either 73-4343 or 73-4344). Specifically, the core system requires the addition of a selection of one of the perfusion pressure controllers (SCP or STARLING-IHSR) and one of the species-specific options indicated in the table below:

 Langendorff Only Configuration
 (Add these core options to 73-4343 or 73-4344)
 Langendorff Working Heart-Ready Configuration
(Add these core options to 73-4343 or 73-4344)
 Species Specific Addition (choose one or both)
• 73-4019 IHSR-MOUSE
• 73-4020 IHSR-RGP

 Species Specific Addition (choose one or both)
• 73-4019 IHSR-MOUSE
• 73-4020 IHSR-RGP

 Constant Pressure/Flow Controller (required)
73-2806 SCP PLUGSYS Servo Controller Module 

 Perfusion Pressure Control (required)*
• 73-4346 STARLING-IHSR Starling Pressure Controller

The core options selected depend on:

  1. If you want a Langendorff Only configuration or a Working Heart-Ready Langendorff configuration. (If you expect to upgrade from Langendorff to Working Heart in the future, we recommend you start with the working heart-ready configuration.)
  2. The species to be studied, i.e., mouse, rat or guinea pig

*Additionally requires a species-specific direct flow measurement option.

Pressure Controller Options

SCP Servo Controller for Perfusion (73-2806)

This constant pressure/flow controller perfuses a heart in constant pressure mode. Required for Langendorff Only configuration.

  • Allows operation in constant pressure or constant flow with simple switch
  • Provides accurate control of perfusion pressure or flow, even at very low flow rates
  • Flexible perfusion circuit setup adjustes to suit individual perfusion conditions

Additional measured signals/calculated parameters:

  • Indirect coronary flow measurement
  • Calculation of coronary resistance

Additional items required:

  • PC-based data acquisition system


STARLING-IHSR Perfusion Pressure Controller with Starling Resistor (73-4346)

This perfusion pressure controller with Starling resistor provides constant pressure perfusion of the heart and the ability to calculate coronary flow. Required for Langendorff Working Heart-Ready configuration.

  • Uses Teflon membrane flow resistor, manometer and pressure syringe to create a pressure-controlled valve in the aortic block
  • Mechanical device that does not provide flow information and does not alter the pump flow rate
    • Flow rate is set high on the pump and only the flow that generates the set perfusion pressure is delivered to the heart while the remainder exits via the valve and returns to the reservoir.
  • Must choose direct coronary flow measurement to capture coronary flow data

Additional measured signal/calculated parameters:

  • Coronary flow data


  • Aortic Block Base Unit with Flange-Mounted Adjustable Flow Resistance
  • Pressure Syringe with Mounting Bracket
  • Manometer

Additional items required:

  • TTFM-2 and appropriate flow probes for direct flow measurement
  • PC-based data acquisition system
  • Pump, transducer and amplifiers for additional measurements

Species Specific Options

IHSR-MOUSE Additions to IH-SR Core System
for Mouse Hearts (73-4019) includes:
IHSR-RAT/GP Additions to IH-SR Core System
for Rat/Guinea Pig Hearts (73-4020) includes:
73-2816 Aortic Cannula for Mouse Heart to IH-SR,
OD 1.0 mm
Aortic Cannula for Rat Heart to IH-SR, OD 2.3 mm
Aortic Cannula for Rat/Guinea Pig Heart to IH-SR, OD 3.0 mm

3-Stop Tygon® E-Lab Tubing, 1.22 mm ID,
12/pack, Red/Grey

3-Stop Tygon® E-Lab Tubing, 2.79 mm ID, 12/pack, Purple/White
73-3456 Tube Set for Jacketed Buffer Reservoir
with Fluid Line Shutoff Valves
73-3456 Tube Set for Jacketed Buffer Reservoir
with Fluid Line Shutoff Valves

73-3438 Reservoir Jacketed for Buller Solution, with Frit, 1 L 73-3440

Reservoir Jacketed for Buffer Solution, with Frit, 2 L

73-0143 Mini Balloon Kit for Mouse Heart for IH-SR 73-2813

Balloon Kit for Rat Heart for IH-SR

73-2787 Mouse/Neonatal Rat Ventricular Balloon Assembly Kit for Isovolumetric Contractile Force Measurements


AccessoriesOperating Instructions, Screwdriver, Output Cable to Pump
Actual Value Input0 - 10 V via System Bus
Ambient ConditionsLaboratory Indoors
ConnectorDIN 41612, 96-pin VG
ConstructionPlug-in Module for a PLUGSYS
Control Gain1 - 50, Adjustable
Control Voltage0 - 10 V to Operate the Pump
Derivative Factor0.1 - 100, Adjustable
DescriptionServo Controller for Perfusion (SCP) Type 704
Digital IndicationRange -1999 to +1999, Selectable for Actual Value, Setpoint, or Control Output Signal
FunctionElectronic PID Controller for Physiological and Pharmacological Research
Integral Factor0.05 - 10, Adjustable
PLUGSYS Width*2 slot units
Power Supply5 V, 0.3 A from PLUGSYS
Recorder Output0 - 10 V, BNC Socket
Setpoint0 - 5 V, Adjustable
Weight (Metric)0.3 kg